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The Dyson hard vacuums and wipes in one action

The Dyson hard vacuums and wipes in one action
The Dyson hard vacuums and wipes in one action
Courtesy of Dyson

The Dyson Hard DC56


Dyson Hard DC56

We have put the Dyson Hard Dc56 through a rigorous trial. Why? Instead of hardwood floors, we have large expanses of a tough ceramic and porcelain tile in about 18-inches square pieces; that’s a lot of grout. There are also a lot of heavy chairs in the dining area, so the labor begins with much lifting.

In the past, we would vacuum the room, paying close attention to the corners because of dog hair and long blond human hair, which has a tendency to collect in angular places. Then we would go over the entire area again with a mop or damp pad of some sort.

With the Dyson Hard DC56, all of this can be done in one step. We were skeptical about it doing both but the suction is more than capable of getting hairballs and the rest, and the wet pad seemed to do an adequate job of getting the floor clean. It could be more wet with solution though.

First, the machine is easy to put together. There are pictorials and most of the operation is snap in and “clik”. Don’t let the number of pieces in the box look daunting.

One thing we really like is a platform comes with the unit so it can be mounted on the wall—yippee. You thread the charging cord through the back, screw it into the wall with two screws (look for studs) and voilà! It hangs on the wall and charges at the same time.

The other nice feature is the vacuum can be used as a handheld. There is a crevice tool and a brush tool for doing steps or other things like blinds or curtains.

The wipes that attach to the bottom of the unit smell good and are easy to put on. And they come in a silver zip pouch so they don’t dry out. If you don’t want to be held captive to buying Dyson wipes, we have heard a customer who uses microfiber car wipes, wets them with whatever cleaning solution and then tosses them in the dryer to be used again. We haven’t had to buy wipes yet but this seems a pretty good trick.

All-in-all we like the one step service. The charging station gives you at least 15 minutes of power—enough for a very large room or several smaller ones. Of course it’s easy to empty the chamber of dirt, just a slight push of the red button into the trash can.

It retails for $329.99, although you can probably find it for less. The unit is quite sturdy and we think it should provide years of service. If you have tons of tile surface, vinyl or hardwood, you might like this unit for its once-overness.

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