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The Drunken Dragon on Miami Beach an Asian infused gastro pub

You've found it, now enjoy!
You've found it, now enjoy!
Buzz Fleischman

The Drunken Dragon Asian infused gastro pub


Drunken Dragon, a brand new dining experience on Miami Beach is an Asian inspired gastro pub that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

The only thing serious is the entire experience. It’s unpretentious and trendy, intimate yet open, cuisine delectable, service at the ready and back-ground ambiance that lets you speak at a whisper for your ‘first date.’

The menu brings a fresh style and taste to an Asian complement of dishes that are lovingly prepared to satisfy a variety of palates. Our server, Frederico was well versed, on every morsel of dinner as was everyone who stopped at the table. The bourbon Manhattan and Fox Crush perfectly crafted by Sarah, our bartender, were perfect libations to kick off the experience.

The Edamame featured a salty/sweet taste unlike any we’ve ever had. Their Crack Spare Ribs jumped off the tiny bone and helped your tongue throw a party for your mouth. Lip smacking. After every course your napkin, which didn’t get too dirty because you found yourself sucking your fingertips dry, was changed out for a fresh one by the attentive staff. The Peking Bao featured a crunchy chicken skin complementing a hoisin infused duck wrapped in soft bread. Brussels were prepared in a light sauce that made us keep the ‘leavins’ to use with our twice fried, fried chicken although they came with delectable sauces too.

The entrance of this delectable dining experience is on Alton Road and inspired by the Foxhole Bar’s unmarked entrance. All you need is the address. And word is spreading….fast.

Walking through the door, the eye is startled by the simple elegant beauty. You’re in another world.

Foxhole owners Conrad Gomez, Angel Febres, Jarred Grant and Navin Chatani are the masterminds behind the this Asian restaurant with Korean barbecue-style tables. It surprises and delights. 1424 Alton Road