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‘The Divide’ recap and review: ‘Facts are the Enemy’ if truth be told

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The Divide


Clark and Christine visit Terry Kucik in prison, building up his hopes and making a vital connection to his case. Apparently, Terry’s dad once owned a construction company where the late Jared Bankowski was employed as a laborer and his mother Ida worked as an accountant. Terry’s dad did not want to hire the troublemaking hoodlum but did so as a favor to Ida. Speaking of Ida, where is she? Christine wants to know why Ida hadn’t claimed her executed son’s body. Odd isn’t it? All Clark can offer is the fact that Ida Bankowski is now in the wind. Her phone is turned off. The house is up for sale.

Even though Clark commanded Christine to take a break from the case and study for her exams, she decides to disobey orders and mosey on over to the home of Terry’s parents anyway. Mom Kucik is hopeful. Dad is pretty bitter.

Billie gets stood up in court by her big (literally, dude is big) brother, Bobby. It seems Bobby tends to rack up DUI charges. You would think he’d take full advantage of his sister’s attorney representation. He does show up later at her house feigning unawareness and wearing the suit she bought for him to wear to court. Clearly, Bobby is the trifling type. Billie claims she is tired of wasting her time on him, but he may be her kryptonite. Family can be that way. It will probably take something really drastic for him to do for her to prove she means what she says.

Billie and Adam take Jenny Butler to her therapist for a long over-due hypnosis session. She remembers. Jenny finally remembers but her recollection comes too late to save Jared’s hide. Sure, Jared Bankowski was at Jenny’s home the day her family was brutally murdered, but he didn’t kill anyone. In fact, Bankowski had protected Jenny. The next stop for Jenny is a guilt trip.

Christine’s cop boyfriend Danny visits her convict daddy in prison and asks if he really committed the murder he’s serving time for. He doesn’t answer. He doesn’t have to. We get it. Something ain’t right with his story either.

Jenny does a very brave thing and journeys to her old family home and does a walk though. Another family lives there now. They must be brave also, knowing what occurred in that house. All the remodeling in the world cannot erase that history. Adam confides in Billie the results of the DNA testing. A third person’s DNA was found on the body of Jenny’s murdered sister. Now Adam fears he never prosecuted the true guilty person responsible for the Butler massacre.

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