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'The Dinner and Show Show' sans dinner adds laughs

The Dinner and a Show Show at the KC Fringe Festival
The Dinner and a Show Show at the KC Fringe Festival
Tracy Majkol and Courtesy of KC Fringe Festival

The Dinner and a Show Show


Kansas City Fringe Festival celebrates its 10th anniversary this year and prides itself in offering quality and diversity entertainment to the Kansas City metro area with such traverse offerings as magic shows, drama, absurdity, comedy, musicals, spoken word, and so many more, but one of the most refreshing shows of the 2014 season, “Dinner and a Show Show” catalyzes the audience with juggling, balancing, and comedy.

Two substitute waiters want to impress a special guest, but there's no food or drink.  Instead, a comedy, juggling and skit entertains the guest in "The Dinner and Show Show" for the KC Fringe on City Stage on Union Station.
Courtesy of Kansas City Fringe Festival

The show depicts the outrageous efforts of two substitute waiters attempting to fill in and server a special client a special dinner. . . the catch–there is no dinner to be found nor served. Sound strange, well it is, but it’s all fun and merriment. The show opened on July 19 at City Union Stage in Kansas City’s historic Union Station. “Dinner and a Show Show” is just one of the more than 400 productions offered for the Fringe Festival in Kansas City that runs from July 18-27.

“Dinner and a Show Show” presented their first show for the KC Fringe at 6 p.m., Saturday, July 19 to a nearly sold out audience. The two talented performers kept the audience amazed laughing and applauding their antics in the 60 minute show.

“Two waiters take ‘dinner theater’ to is most logical extreme,” according to the info provided to the KC Fringe program. “In this show, you'll see plates juggled without breaking… many, water poured from tremendous heights, and food served in ways only Beni Hana could have dreamed about! - The best part of all? One lucky audience member sits in the middle and experience an atypical restaurant experience, presented by two servers-cum-circus-performers.

“The 'Dinner and a Show' Show tells the story of two vastly similar waiters with vastly different dreams. One wants to get through his everyday job and do the best he can while the other is stuck in his own fantasy that there could be ‘something more…’ The 'Dinner and a Show' Show combines juggling, clowning, theatre, and food in ways you have never imagined. Come witness two waiters who were never told, ‘Don't play with your food!’ It's a show that makes juggling and clowning something you'll want to watch.” For more information about the act, check their website: .

Expect to be entertained. The audience left with smiles laughter and a lot of discussion after the two gentlemen took their bows. The show is highly recommended and will definitely be in competition for best of venue by the end of the Fringe Festival. The show only performs three more times. That being the case, sellouts can be expected. To avoid a shutout, tickets may be purchased in advance from the KC Fringe website.