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'The Devil's Brigade (1968)' Movie Review: Never trust the devil

'The Devil's Brigade (1968)'
'The Devil's Brigade (1968)'
United Artists

The Devil's Brigade


American Lt. Col. Frederick (William Holden) has an assignment to put together a fighting unit of American and Canadian Troops during WWII. They are to train for an assignment in Norway. Now Frederick has no combat experience. The American contingent is made of misfits. The Canadian unit is a top notch crack unit. The Canadian commander is Major Alan Crown (Cliff Robertson). The American commander is Major Cliff Bricker (Vince Edwards).

As the units are training to become one unit it is not an easy assignment. As a matter of fact they hate each other. You had Pvt Rocky Rockman of the American Army (Claude Akins) going up against Cpl. Peacock (Jack Watson) of the Canadian contingent and both literally almost taking each others heads off. A transformation and group unity starts to take shape and you eventually have a crack fighting unit.

Unfortunately, the generals who run the battles decided to cancel their assignment. This infuriates Frederick and he heads to Washington to find someone to listen to him and give his group a mission.

Frederick travels all around the Pentagon and can only get a couple of Generals to listen but no one can do anything for him. Eventually he will talk to Lt. General Mark Clark (Michael Rennie) who has a job for him in the Italian campaign.

Frederick is under Major General Maxwell Hunter (Carroll O'Connor) when they arrive on the Italian peninsular. At first Hunter wants the Group to handle a simple mission of getting some prisoners to interrogate. Frederick wants something to test his men and he lets Hunter know that he is upset over the mission.

In the end, Frederick will get a mission that he never thought he would get. A mission that will test everyone involved. Now this is just good fiction but it does show some of what was going on in the War.

Director Andrew V. Mclagen did a wonderful job on this film. It is very entertaining and a movie that you will want to watch again and possibly again. So sit back and watch 'The Devil's Brigade' and enjoy.