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The death of his friends father will change everything in 'Are You Here'

Are You Here


It is always a strange thing on seeing specific films come out that just don’t seem to be getting the same push despite an impressive cast. Sometimes it is painfully obvious why these films are put on the back burner and others remain a mystery. The latest to bring the drama/comedy world’s together Are You Here, brings a great cast together including Owen Wilson, Zach Galifianakis, Amy Poehler, and Laura Ramsey, but can it step above the average and remind you why it is here or should it have never asked the question?

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Are You Here follows a womanizing local weatherman, who hears that his off-the-grid best friend has lost his estranged father, so the two return to his childhood home to discover he has inherited the family fortune leaving the ill-equipped duo to battle his formidable sister and deal with his father's gorgeous 25-year-old widow. On the surface this film plays up like a story about Owen Wilson’s character, but in fact he is just a bit player in the bigger story. The story itself is pretty predictable and clichéd bringing very little to the genre, but on some level still manages to entertain. Wilson brings his usual style to the role and it works fine alongside Galifianakis who is channeling a similar role to that of his Hangover persona, but a bit toned down. These guys have great chemistry together, but sadly are just not given all that much to do with it. The always fun Amy Poehler is fine here, but given little to nothing to do. Her purpose to the story just never seems to cement itself on one side of the fence or the other making her a pointless character in the bigger picture. There are plenty of funny moments that are probably more of chuckles, but the film does work it just doesn’t really bring anything new to the table to help it stand out as anything more than average.

Make no mistake this isn’t a bad movie at all, it just doesn’t have much that helps it stand out from others just like it. If you are a fan of the cast then give it a shot, it does entertain and is worth watching just don’t expect too much more than average.