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The Dark Side of the Purpose Driven Church, Expanded Edition by Noah W. Hutching

“Thank you for taking a stand that is not popular,” writes David Wilkerson
“Thank you for taking a stand that is not popular,” writes David Wilkerson
by Noah W. Hutchings

Learn why this man feels "Rick Warren trashed my church."


Overlake "Christian" Church-Purpose Driven Circus Redmond, WA:

The Dark Side of the Purpose Driven Church, Expanded Edition by Noah W. Hutchings, Bible Belt Publishing; 2nd Edition, 2007, 190 Pages, ISBN-13: 978-1933641003, $13.95

“Thank you for taking a stand that is not popular,” writes David Wilkerson, well-known author and pastor of World Challenge Ministries. His letter to Noah Hutchings, Southwest Radio Ministries was about “America’s Pastor,” Rick Warren and Saddleback Church.

“Your (book) concerning Warren’s ministry is one of the most balanced exposes of what I see as a very dangerous movement,” continued Pastor Wilkerson. Letter:

Wilkerson was writing about Noah Hutchings book, The Dark Side of the Purpose Driven Church where he exposes the “purpose driven church movement” as the “greatest paradigm shift in church government since Martin Luther.”

Now anyone would think church growth and bringing new people into church pews would be something to admire and many did. In fact, Warren has persuaded thousands of church leaders to change their traditional church model to that of a “purpose driven” format.

Hutchings own community Church is a good example. He writes that his church “…had grown from a mission in 1975 to the number two Southern Baptist Church in Oklahoma by 2002…” with membership in the thousands. Then church leadership adopted the purpose driven design, soon the church stopped filling three parking lots, diminished in size and became a shadow of what it had once been. That’s what caused Hutchings to write in his book, “Rick Warren trashed my church.”

The author says it happened when:

  • Informal dress was encouraged instead of people’s “Sunday best.”
  • Hard rock guitars replaced traditional hymns.
  • The Message translation, for the most part replaced the King James translation.

He goes on to say why Warren specifically “designed Saddleback church…with the décor of a nightclub, casino, or bar… to make the un-churched (who frequent such establishments more than church) to feel more comfortable.” (Pg. 153) Then this quote: If that means long-time church members must leave, “…those old pillars (members) only hold things up…make the un-churched uncomfortable,” says Warren.

The same is true of music. Warren, who says he would have been a rock musician if he weren’t a pastor, believes “…there is no such thing as Christian music…only Christian lyrics.”(Pg. 153) The author wonders where that leaves traditional hymns such as Amazing Grace, Nearer My God to Thee and The Old Rugged Cross.

I’ve learned something that sounds too good to be true usually isn’t, likewise if something is popular with the world it may not be of the Lord and needs to be compared to Scripture. If we are where I suspect we are in history, the purpose driven movement could be the beginning of what may turn into a new One World Religion—Chrislam. The following Internet sites and their corresponding links are worth reviewing for make readers to make their own determination.

Chrislam starts to spread in America:

American Church’s-Chrislam June 2011:

WA Cathedral-Chrislam June 2011:

Hutchings conversational writing style combines with thought-provoking statements that challenge readers to read their Bibles examine their hearts and ask for Holy Spirit discernment.

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