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The Dangerous Journey of Sherman the Sheep, by Dean Davis

Biblical principles wrapped in an entertaining story readers won't soon forget!~
By Dean Davis

The publisher call this book a "hidden gem!" Read it and learn why.


Calvin Christian Assembly, Seattle:

The Dangerous Journey of Sherman the Sheep, by Dean Davis, Cladach Publishing, 2005, Kindle Edition, 2011, 160 Pages, ISBN-0-975961926, $9.99

Sherman, a carefree young ram tired of hanging out with the spring lambs, wanted something more. Although warned never to go up on dangerous Sin Mountain, the large mountain peak in the distance intrigued Sherman once he learned it was dangerous. To Sherman, “…danger was just another word for adventure…the one thing Sherman loved best!”

When his father Bertram couldn’t find the young ram to join in the evening’s festivities “…he rose up on his hind legs, leaned against a tree…and saw Sherman on the far side of the meadow with strangers”

Bertram’s heart cautiously warmed at the thought his restless son had found new friends, yet he knew few strangers loved the ways of the Master Shepherd like their small flock did. Each sheep knew the Master Shepherd’s voice, knew “…he cared for them…and were very glad to belong to him.” Did the strangers know the Master Shepherd?

From Sherman’s point of view, his adventuresome spirit and unquenchable curiosity, made him certain his father had misled him. Sherman convinced himself Sin Mountain should really be named Pleasure Mountain and of course his father would want him to enjoy himself.

Join Sherman on this allegorical journey to the forbidden, where anticipation of exciting adventure turns to fear, darkness and dread amidst yellow smoke, dangerous cliffs and unseen enemies. Where nothing is at it seems, in an adventure that turns into a misadventure the higher Sherman travels toward Pleasure Mountain’s peak.

Following in the tradition of allegories like Pilgrim’s Progress, Hind’s Feet on High Places and Chronicles of Narnia, Sherman’s Dangerous Journey is an “unforgettable journey to God’s country.”

The narratives lessons of worldly dangers and their consequences are for anyone, teens, tweens or adults because of integral drama, excitement, action and suspense. It’s not often I find a book in this genre that I can’t put down, but this one was a “must read” cover-to-cover to find out what happens to this young ram.

Allegory is a challenging genre, but Davis pulls readers in and doesn’t let them go until the last page is turned. Don’t miss this one. Preview on YouTube:

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