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The Convergence Of The Species

August Landmesser
German Media

Future economic systems as regards technology


Unification Via Technology

What is man's agenda in advancing technology? That surely depends on the men. Men of the humanities, men of science are seeking the betterment of mankind, I would hope. Some inventors in technology would hope to find answers to life's hardships by making work and living simpler and provide us with ease in living. Others would hope to profit - the better mouse trap is still out there you know! On the grand scale, where will technology bring us? I believe there will come a day when a life of technological ease will cow us all into submission, so that like cattle we will be eventually herded into proverbial pens for marking. There will be a convergence made possible by technology that will allow people, systems and eventually governments and world powers to unify for better control. The vehicle of that control will be money. And what better way to control them than to census the people, keeping track of every human being by the means of buying and selling.

Evidence Of An Eventuality

What evidence of this and by what means will this great convergence begin and occur? In 2008, to put it in simply terms, greedy men seeing a trend, absconded with millions of people's hard earned savings via means of technology. This great theft caused a sinkhole in the banking system, a downward spiraling of our economy and this effected other country's economies as well. Money and the love of it, was the grand instigator in the crisis. Money: the power of nations to rule people and a force to be reckoned with on the global financial front, but in the wrong hands - catastrophe! In 2009, the economic downturn had reached global proportions, forcing governments to consolidate power to find a solution. And there, we had a small sampling of convergence of the species on a worldwide scale, because of finance. Banks and governments panicked and came together, because their precious economies were collapsing. They unified to pull each other from the downward, spirally financial collapse that threatened to engulf governments and destroy nations. Greece has yet to fully recover.

The One World Government

So, if it happened recently and worked temporarily, who's to say it won't happen on an even larger scale next time? I know of an age old source that has been spelling this situation out for thousands of years, but I will only lead you to the water - it is you who must drink. There is a powerful force upon the Earth in the form of the worship of Mammon: banking, commerce, finance and currencies. It was a bleak financial depression in Germany during the 1930s that brought a monstrous force to power in the Nazi party. A force that devoured whole families and enormous groups of people by means of prejudice and fear. Money and man's weakness for it, seem to usher in all types of mob behavior and brutality and the underprivileged and underclasses always seem to suffer. I believe technology will play it's part in the next great convergence of the species.

Take Your Records With You

We are tracking our pets, our cars and our phones these days via technology, why not our persons?! The advertisement on television recently enticed the elderly and sick among us to, 'take your medical records to whatever medical facility you visit!'. The advancement of the chip will allow you to carry your medical information with you for tracking - everywhere you go. ...and so, it begins, the herding of the weak and elderly. The control of the masses. Yes, its only your medical records now. But what of the day when we don't need a paycheck, or a bank account, or currency or cannot buy or sell, unless we carry a 'chip' in our hand or forehead? And what of the day when one institution controls that information? Keep your eyes to the signs of the times, for the future of technology holds promises, which may be the calm before the storm.


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