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'The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (1969)' Movie Review: Not your typical Dexter

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'The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (1969)'


Dexter Riley (Kurt Russell) attends the small privately owned Medfield College. Now this school is so small they can't even afford a computer. The students gather together to ask a local businessman to donate a computer to the college. A.J.Arno (Cesar Romero). He agrees and the students are putting it all together when Riley gets shocked. He's okay but he now has great mathematical skills. He can remember everything he reads and learns languages in minutes.

Riley becomes famous for his abilities and the college wants to use his talents for a quiz show that could the school a $100,000 prize. During the competition one specific word triggers Riley's affected brain giving him access to all of Arno's secrets. You see Arno is a crook. He runs a gambling ring.

Arno sends some men to pick up Riley and get the information from him. His friends are able to help him escape. Problem is he gets a concussion after hitting his head while escaping. Dean Higgins (Joe Flynn) is about as crazy as you can get. He is both for and against Riley being in the tournament. Riley makes it back for the final rounds but he is not himself. Watch the rest of the movie and you will see what happens at the end of the tournament.

This is one of those silly nostalgic Disney movies that we all watched during the 1960's. This movie is fun and makes you laugh. I mean you really do laugh. You see the computers of the past and just how really huge they were. What's even funnier you see just how little they did compared to today.

Director Robert Butler has brought us one of Walt Disney's early live action best. They were simple story lines but with great casts. This is one of those movies that if you never saw it before then you really must take a look and go back to a sample of a simpler time. Enjoy.