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The cold is just the beginning of the problem in Freezer



Unlike most genres the thriller is the one that offers the most intriguing possibilities. Just about everything you can imaging has been done at this point, but if you can interject some sort of clever direction and twist you can easily bring something fresh to the genre. The latest Freezer tries its hand blending mystery with the thriller along with a great lead in Dylan McDermott, but does it have the twists and turns fans are hoping for?

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Anchor Bay

Freezer follows a mechanic who wakes up on his birthday to find himself locked inside a restaurant’s walk in freezer. Now he is struggling to figure out why he’s there and how he will survive, but as the truth starts to unfold it reveals a chilling nightmare of mistaken identity, the Russian mob, $8 million dollars and a wounded cop that could hold the key to it all. Everything you need for a good thriller is here with the exception of a great twist ending. Make no mistake there are some twists, but nothing that will really shock you or step it up. Despite that, the rest of the film works well enough that it entertains. McDermott has always had a strong screen presence and it’s necessary to pull off this role. His attitude and swag makes for a strong lead that keeps this film from falling into something easily forgettable. It’s always hard for a film to maintain one location for an entire film, but they manage to keep you guessing on how they will use it throughout. There are some various moments where the actions of the characters don’t make all that much sense, but somehow it manages to find its way back on track. The problem with that is that it takes some direction with the ending that doesn’t make direct sense at first, but at the end comes together.

This isn’t bringing much anything new to the genre, but thanks to McDermott it still manages to entertain. It plays better than most of these types of films that come out making for a good rental for anyone that digs these kinds of movies. Be sure to grab your copy when it hits stores on January 21st.