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The clock hits snooze with these creams...

Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Repair Creme


Creams. The skin care workhorse of beauty regimens. Loaded with all the good stuff required to make a long lasting impression on the vision that peers out of that mirror...

What should a skin cream do? Well, first it should make good skin even more glorious. Smoothing away little lines and other sins of environmental exposure. Making the best of whatever canvas it touches. Doing all the work while the wearer sits pretty... That really sounds very stress free and beautiful. Finding the right cream for normal to dry skin seeking an anti aging helping hand doesn't have to keep anyone up at night!

In this huge marketplace of cosmetic companies, there are skincare lines with the most for those who need the latest ingredients with the maximum level of efficiency. These companies have spared no expense in providing the very best science and nature have to give for a skin loving combination.

Here are the ones that are as remarkable as they are luxurious. Experiences in the very best of what is on the market today can be found in:

Laura Mercier Repair Day Creme Broad Spectrum 15 Sunscreen($98)

Speaking of smooth touchable skin. This cream glides on without a trace of excess, yet feels like silk. Ingredients such as Green Tea Extract, hydrolyzed Xylan, Deep Sea Water, and the ubiquitous Argan Oil assist in lending the hydrated feel. This one doesn't forget the skin benefit of SPF protection, too, giving a healthy dose of SPF 15 to the entire formula. For 1.7 oz in comparison to other products, this one is an absolute bargain!

ReVive Renewal Travel Collection ($275)

This convenient kit is what makes the most of sluggish skin that needs a kick. RES, or Renewal Epidermal Science sets ReVive apart along with added key elements such as Glycolic Acid to turnover cells, revealing newer, more resilient skin beneath. Included are the Moisturizing Renewal Cream, Neck Renewal Cream, Renewal Eye Cream, Gel Cleanser, Balancing Toner, and a sample of the Moisturizing Renewal Serum. These are not the tiny sizes, but the full size products. What a true value for these high performing products!

Nyakio Hydrating Face Cream with Kola Nut ($49)

Natural products can be as cutting edge and high performing without all the extra stuff. Nyakio's eponymous line turns 1 this year, and celebrates a wonderfully textured cream with chamomile oil and kola nut, which is loaded with skin stimulating caffeine. It deeply cares for parched sun soaked skin that tends to the dry side. (There is also a skin lotion for normal skin, with oh so delish smelling lemongrass extract.) Nyakio uses centuries old African recipes for skincare preparations that combine treatment with loving care.

These creams are worth a look for skin that defies any age demographic. Wow will be the only answer required!

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