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The City Slipper by mohinders: A review

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The City Slipper by mohinders


Last month, you were introduced to mohinders. Since that introduction, the mohinders Kickstarter campaign has come to a successful close, netting a little more than twice original pledge goal of $15,000. Part of the success of this campaign surely had to do with mohinders owner, Michael Paratore’s infectious enthusiasm for the project and the product. His obvious investment in the project, both personal and financial, was really refreshing to see. The rest of the success, then, must have had something to do with the mohinders product: The City Slipper.

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The City Slipper, unless you happen to be from India, is more than likely unlike any shoe you have ever owned. Firstly, there’s the material - it is heirloom-tanned leather from water buffalo and West Bengal cattle using a process that is Chromium-free. Secondly, these shoes are hand-made by a micro-credit funded cooperative based in a region where generations of craftspeople have been making leather shoes for the last 800 years. Thirdly, the City Slipper is a slip-on “go-ahead” shoe. Though walking backwards isn’t exactly impossible, it isn’t exactly easy, either.

The City Slipper looks and feels hand-crafted. Though well-made, not a single piece of this shoe looks like anything digital was involved in making it. The pressed leather sole is sufficiently stiff yet begins to conform to the foot almost as soon as it is worn. The upper, a woven leather affair, is tightly and beautifully assembled. The finished product is as handsome as it is unique (especially when compared to just about any other shoe you may own).

Words of caution: The City Slipper runs a bit small. This is important to consider because you don’t want your heel hanging off the back of the shoe. It could be dangerous, and it would definitely be uncomfortable. Though there is no hard-and-fast rule about this, but my recommendation would be to wear the City Slipper without socks. These shoes work best with skin-to-skin contact. Like any open-back shoe, it takes a little practice to keep them on. Going sockless helps with this.

If you happen to get a pair of these, be prepared to talk about them. They elicit a lot of comments and compliments. These shoes have an interesting story. Be prepared to tell it. For more information or to make a purchase, click here.

**Full disclosure: These shoes were provided at no cost for the purpose of testing/reviewing. To think otherwise would be unrealistic.