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The Chemo-Free Cat

The Chemo-Free Cat by Dr. Liz Hardy
Courtesy of Liz Hardy, PhD

The Chemo-Free Cat


According to the Animal Cancer Foundation, nearly 6 million cats in the United States are diagnosed with cancer each year.

For certain cancers, conventional treatments like surgery, chemotherapy and radiation are often recommended.

But what do you do if you decide that you cannot put your cat through the trauma of these harsh treatments? Or when your vet says to you, "there's nothing we can do."

These are the issues Liz Hardy, PhD, author of the book The Chemo-Free Cat faced when her cat Moofy was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor.

She writes:
The vet gave us three options. Surgery - Moofy could have had surgery to remove her tumour – but it would probably have damaged her spinal cord and left her unable to walk. Even if she did make it through the operation, a new tumour would have grown back within months. Chemo - Likewise, she could have had chemo, but there wouldn’t be much point with the tumour still there – and I didn’t want to put her through that. Do nothing - the other option the vet gave us was to sit and wait. We could watch the tumour grow and grow, and then bring Moofy in to have her put to sleep. How completely appalling!

So Hardy set out to find alternative ways to help Moofy. From her experiences, The Chemo-Free Cat was born. She is quick to point out that she is not a veterinarian and that the book is not meant as medical advice.

The book does not play on desperation, nor is it preachy. At times it is even funny. It is designed as helpful guide for cat guardians facing the same types of decisions and frustrations. I feel that it can also help take away some of the stress felt by those wading through the information (and misinformation) found online.

The Chemo-Free Cat includes:

  • What your cat should eat
  • Why water quality matters
  • Boost your cat's immunity
  • Homeopathic medicine
  • Bioptron light therapy
  • Creating a toxin-free environment
  • Distance energy healing
  • Animal Communication

Hardy understands that many of these topics may be foreign or dismissed by some people. Her gentle, engaging style of writing and personal insight makes it all quite palatable, even for the biggest skeptics.

"...there’s another really interesting difference between traditional and alternative animal medicine, she points out. "I play a role in Moofy’s healing as well. I’m not handing over authority to a medical professional who makes all the decisions for me."

Though the book it written for cats with cancer, even healthy cats can benefit from the food and water recommendations, immunity support and many of the other topics discussed throughout The Chemo-Free Cat.

The Chemo-Free Cat E-book is available for $11.95. Visit the Meow Cancer Clinic to learn more and to order.

Hardy also includes The Cat Cancer Action Planners with every order. They are helpful, done-for-you worksheets to keep track of your cat's treatments.

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