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‘The Chef, The Actor, and the Scoundrel’ put on a show to thwart disaster

The Chef The Actor and The Scoundrel


WellGo USA continues to bring the best in Asian cinema to the US and shows no sign of slowing down. Their latest film The Chef, The Actor, and The Scoundrel looks to bring a different kind of film from overseas, but does this seemingly bizarre film work or is it one of those Asian films that makes little to no sense?

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WellGo USA

The Chef, The Actor, and The Scoundrel follows four Chinese agents who capture a Japanese scientist and his bodyguard and interrogate them by Chinese opera in order to get the vaccine formula for the cholera outbreak during the Second Sino-Japanese War. From the moment this film starts you know it is going to be something a bit out there. The characters come off a bit cartoony as does the format of the film at first, but once the main story is revealed it all comes together perfectly. This film puts a unique twist to this story making it way more intriguing than it might have been otherwise. As it moves along it just keeps getting better and better with every bizarre twist. This is one of the most unique directions for a story like this in some time. In reality it is one long interrogation film, but disguised as a bizarre over the top ride. There is plenty of crazy moments with all the actors bringing multiple layers to their roles needed to make them work. The pacing of the film is slow at first but quickly gets the audience in on the plan which allows it to move a lot quicker and all that much better. Visually it looks great with the epic backdrop, despite spending most of the film inside the restaurant.

This is far from a martial arts film, but does sport some decent action sequences and puts a refreshing spin on the genre. There is plenty of action, drama, and comedy to make for a great entertaining film. If you are in to Asian cinema then you have to check out this film. Despite the seemingly silly title, this is a serious film splashed with comedy tones and delivers on every level.