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'The Chase' by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg

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The Chase by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg


I do like a good thriller. While I am not really familiar with the works of Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg, I was happy to get the chance to start their new novel, “The Chase,” a little before it was released. The book is available now but I got a chance to dig in a couple days early and see exactly why this duo finds their way on to the bestseller list.

“The Chase” is a return to the adventures of master thief Nicolas Fox and FBI agent Kate O’Hare. O’Hare caught Fox red-handed and sent him off to prison but the FBI arranged for him to escape so that he could help them track down the world’s most notorious thieves. Now O’Hare must work with her former nemesis while pretending to still be trying to chase him down again.

The U.S. government has promised to give China back a prized painting, The Rooster, that had been in the Smithsonian for years. Unfortunately, the painting in the Smithsonian is a fake as the real painting was stolen years before. O’Hare and Fox are given the task of tracking down the painting and returning it before the representative from the Chinese government arrived to pick it up. That gave Fox and O’Hare about two days to get the painting back from Carter Grove, the man who currently has the painting. Complicating matters is the fact that Carter Grove is a former White House chief of staff and the current head of the Black Rhinos, a ruthless private security firm. They must figure out not only how to get the painting back in time but how to keep Grove from hunting them down if they are successful in getting the painting from him.

“The Chase” is a fast and entertaining read. The authors do a good job of balancing the characters against each other in a way that keeps their motives easily understandable while allowing the reader to quickly join with the story and get swept along in the relentless action. There is not a whole lot of grey area in this book as the motives of the characters are easy to determine even if they do not sit easily with the characters. O’Hare is uncomfortable with what she must do in order to achieve what she views as the greater good while Fox is quick to manipulate any situation to his own agenda. This creates an interesting juxtaposition between what the characters must do to reach their own ends. Always the good cop, O’Hare realizes that she must partner with the thing that she has struggled against her entire career but justifies it to herself by keeping the final goal clearly in sight. The supporting cast goes well with the main characters. Everyone has their separate agenda and quirks but there is a sense of honor that dominates the story. The honor among thieves keeps them above the criminals that they are trying to capture.

“The Chase” is a well written and thought out book that is sure to thrill fans of the authors and the genre. Even though I had not read anything by these authors before, it was easy for me to fall into the narrative and enjoy this action-packed thriller. The story is kept flowing throughout the novel and I felt almost compelled to turn the page to see what was going to happen next. The story was more of an experience than a novel and there were new thrills and adventures on every page. If you are looking to an entertaining tale, you would be hard pressed to find one better than this page turner. I will definitely look for more from these authors in the future and look forward to the further adventures of Fox and O’Hare in the future.

I would like to give a special thank you to NetGalley and Bantam for this review copy. “The Chase” is available from Bantam now.

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