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The Chair, by James L. Rubart

If you haven’t read Rubart before, you’re missing out on one of our nation’s new blockbuster authors.
By James L. Rubart

The author's strong characters and plot leave readers hungry for more from this delightful author!


James Rubart, Seattle, WA:

The Chair, by James L. Rubart, B&H Books, 2011, 388 Pages, ISBN-13: 978-1433671524, $14.99

Corin Roscoe, given a “special chair” by an elderly woman who strode into his antique shop just before closing, was puzzled, then mystified when she announced, “The next two months of your life will be either heaven or hell.”

Her answers to questions about the somewhat ordinary looking chair were frustrating and mysterious. She said the chair “…was made by the most talented…craftsman the world has ever known…who lived long ago…” that it was Corin’s choice to learn more, that she gave the chair to him because… “You need it.”

Skeptical and intrigued Corin brought the chair into the store and “…felt a mild shock…” when he grabbed the chair’s arms. Then the elderly woman disappeared as mysteriously as she had appeared…, leaving no way to contact her.

Thus begins Rubart’s new release, The Chair, a thought-provoking narrative of betrayal, mystery, danger and intrigue from one of my new favorite authors, James Rubart. An author who writes with a supernatural twist about spiritual truth, who gave us Rooms in 2010 and Book of Days in 2012. Each book with a powerful Christ-centered message in story form that lingers long after the last page is read.

In The Chair Rubart takes readers into the supernatural with a “special chair” that seems to have healing powers, some even say the chair was made by Jesus Christ and handed down through the centuries to appointed “guardians of the chair.”

When a young asthmatic boy is miraculously healed after sitting in the chair in Corin’s antique store, his skepticism and need to believe drives Corin to learn more and leads him into dangerous questions, actions and choices.

Add a mega-church pastor with questionable intent, a college history professor who is not what he seems, friends with suspicious motives and an over-the-top girl friend who insists he leave it alone. And this fast-paced tale begins and doesn’t let up. (When I start skim reading to learn what happens next, I know the book is exceptional)

Rubart's captivating story, powerful message and believable characters are wrapped in a compelling story of “…healing...broken relationships…” with a surprising twist at the end. The romance, danger and betrayal are icing on the cake. If you haven’t read Rubart before, you’re missing out on one of our nation’s new blockbuster authors.

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