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The Car Guys auto detailing shop is hard to find but worth the effort

A BMW 3 Series convertible gleams in the sun after a Car Guys auto detail
A BMW 3 Series convertible gleams in the sun after a Car Guys auto detail
Rick Wonders

The Car Guys auto detailing shop


A quote attributed to Sir Henry Royce, co-founder of Rolls-Royce, hangs above the work bench of the Car Guys' finishing bay. It reads, "Strive for perfection in everything you do. Take the best that exists and make it better."

Looking at some of the high-end cars housed within The Car Guys auto detailing shop's four bays, the connotation becomes clear. There are a number of BMW's, a Cobra Mustang, a 1988 Mercedes 560SL, and a Porsche 911 resting throughout the shop. Don't get the wrong idea, The Car Guys is not an auto detailing shop for the well-heeled motorist only. They cater to those folks who understand their car is an investment, and want to protect it. If you agree with that statement, The Car Guys is your auto detailing shop..

The term "auto detailing" has become a watered-down description of what this process entails. For further clarification, see the post "How to protect your vehicle with a professional auto detail" in Monday's Examiner. We are happy to report that The Car Guys are not part of this trend. They detail cars the correct way, and provide additional services unavailable from most other auto detailing shops. Maybe that is because The Car Guys defy what others think they should be. At their very core, they are different. They have defied the traditional business axiom of location, location, location, and thrived in the process.

The Car Guys are not easy to find. They are located off Jabez Run in Millersville, down a winding single lane drive, hidden by three warehouse buildings. That is because founder Fred Blair felt his wooded homestead fronted by a small lake would make the perfect place to expand his passion into a business. Fred began detailing his own vehicles in 1969. Thirteen years ago, in 2001 he decided to turn his hobby into a business and The Car Guys was born. A few years later his son Geoffrey joined him, and today the father and son business is doing quite well. The Car Guys do little advertising, but the auto detailing shop is always full.

Then again, quality and reputation are always the best advertising. Satisfied clients keep spreading the word of the Car Guys excellent work. In addition to fully detailing their customer's rides, The Car Guys also offer storage services, stereo installation, window tinting and windshield repair, upholstery repair, classic and vintage car restoration, trim service, auto body work(Insurance claims accepted), and water damage restoration. The Car Guys are a Geico certified water damage shop. They are also adept at services most other auto detail shops are not equipped to handle, such as paint chip and scratch removal. Some auto detail shops that claim to remove scratches only use a talc based glaze that hides the scratch temporarily. The same scratch will show up after the second washing. You won't find that shortcut at The Car Guys. Since they can handle auto body work, small scratches are polished away, while larger imperfections get paint work and blending.

One service that places The Car Guys in a class by themselves is their airport shuttle service. A customer can drop his/her car off for service before leaving on a trip. The Car Guys will drive them to BWI, service the vehicle while the customer is away, and upon the client's return, pick them up in his/her freshly detailed vehicle. The cost for this service is less than a cab ride from Millersville to BWI. Don't fret if your flight departs or arrives late. The service is available 24/7. Think for a moment what a great idea this is. Instead of your car sitting on a lot at BWI collecting dust, it is getting pampered by The Car Guys, awaiting your return.

Even if you think your vehicle is the best on the road, contact the Car Guys; they'll make it better. You can find them on the web by clicking on the link above, or you can call them at 410-991-8044.