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The Budos Band teaches Victoria, BC the meaning of psychedelic afrobeat

Serious Bass Face
Trina McDonald

Budos Band


The Budos band of Staten Island New York hit afro beat enthusiasts right where it counts with their sunny Sunday set at the Phillips Backyard Weekender ( in Victoria, BC. The relaxed midday crowd, ready with beer in hand, enjoyed just a moment of the slow, dark, and melodic before being launched into a heavily rhythmic and undoubtedly intergalactic soul groove that did not let them rest until it was over.

Just about every body in the parking lot was swept into the hip swaying, funk shuffle by the Budos Band's powerfully rhythmic and psychedelically soulful current. The band of 9 (wikipedia says they sometimes have up to 13 members) could have just as easily been a gang of motorcyclists; Dressed in black, with shades, long hair and scruffy beards, they seemed to be enjoying the beer and the frequency they were creating just as much as the crowd was.

How could the band have anything but a solid good time when they have a rhythm section as sturdy as they come. The tight group of 4 made up of a guy that looked a bit like Ozzy Osbourne with two congas and two bongos, another guy hitting a single conga, a guy on a drum kit and a guy playing cowbell and tambourine, proved that you can make people dance without a drum machine.

Was that horn section playing jazz or some obscure scale chosen most often by snake-charmers? It is a rare, and almost cartoonish treat to see a baritone sax being played by a bad-ass looking New Yorker. When you pair him with a trumpet player who has an obvious love for heavy metal you get victorious highs, and lows that ache, sounds that actually feel as though they are sawing into you.

The riffs, and some of the band members, could easily lend themselves to a Quentin Tarantino show down or even a 70's James Bond chase scene. When the bass player, who held his bass every way except the normal way (and could have been a Hari Krishna in another life), sidled up to the guitarist there were some rock worthy moments. At the risk of sounding cliché, kudos to the Budos!

Many of the songs were off the bands fourth album, a psychedelic departure from the more soulful albums of there past. The album is set to be released October 21st 2014, on Daptone Records, and you can preview the wizardry on their website:

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