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..."God is a God of second chances ...
..."God is a God of second chances ...
By Jerry Jenkins's not the typical thriller or suspense readers might expect...


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The Brotherhood, Precinct 11by Jerry B. Jenkins, Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., 2011, 384 Pages, ISBN-13: 978-1414309224, $14.99

Boone Drake's passionate good-bye kiss, returned with equal fervor by his wife Nikki, carried the promise of an exciting evening the young rookie would look forward to. He turned from Nikki and chuckled at his son Josh, toddler arms waving frantically from the high chair, spoon in hand, demanding equal attention. Boone felt happier than he'd ever been, amazed that his love for Nikki and Josh never diminished, just increased.

Within hours the normalcy of Boone's morning would stand in stark contrast to bone-chilling events that would jeopardize his career and destroy his personal life.

Thus begins Jerry B. Jenkins new series set in Chicago, The Brotherhood, writtenin "homage toall the cops in my immediate and extended family—and to the city of Chicago," reports Novel Journey from their interview with Jenkins.

The Brotherhood is the story of a promising rookie cop, considered a probationary officer until he completes eighteen months training with seasoned police officer Jack Keller. Through their close association and Boone's consistent recognition for sound police work, Keller recognized Boone's potential. If his application for deputy chief of the Organized Crime Division is approved, he plans to fast-track his young recruit and friend to that division for his help with the gangs.

Until...the call from the precinct came over Keller's telephone instead of over the car radio. Where, in answer to Boone's "what..." Keller "flipped on the blue lights and siren." He talked over his partner's questions, stressing the need to remain calm and repeated the message about his wife and son. On their arrival, Boone jumped from the cruiser and tore through the emergency room doors, only to learn Nikki was in surgery and no one could tell him about Josh.

Jenkins, noted co-author of the Left Behind novels, offers a new series that revolves around police, gangs and a "life-altering tragedy" where tragic circumstances stir volatile anger, devastating questions, and tough choices for a young Chicago rookie.

Readers empathize with Boone's conflict of faith, the result of shifting emotions of loss, bitterness, guilt and grief as Boone struggles to find a "new normal" in a life spun out of control. Where Boone realizes... "God is a God of second chances and can change the hardest heart...forgive the worst of crimes"

Characters are well-developed, particularly Boone's spiritual mentor Pastor Sosa. Although the story is about police, gangs and a subtle romance, it's not the typical thriller or suspense readers might expect. Instead, the story concerns the bond of brotherhood that fellow officers hold. Foundational Christian beliefs weave throughout the story. My only criticism is with the book's excessive multi-chapter lead-in to an otherwise excellent story.

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