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'The Broker's Man, Series 2' DVD Review

DVD Review: The Broker's Man, Series 2
DVD Review: The Broker's Man, Series 2yahoo images

The Broker's Man, Series 2


Jimmy Griffin (Kevin Whately) is an ex cop turned insurance inspector. He is simply trying to make ends meet so he can pay for an ex- wife and kids and still pay for his own self. He is able to the job very well and it suits him. Jimmy's got a certain way about him that all works well with the sort of people he's going after. He is cunning and knows just how people can be. He's good at taking down the con men and frauds that are always trying to screw the insurance companies. His being an ex cop works well as he is not afraid of anything that he may come into contact with during a case. Unfortunately when it comes to his own life well let's just say he's an idiot.

Series two has some interesting cases. For instance, his teenage daughter has become a terror as all teens become. She has become a little rebellious. You might want to say she's become big time rebellious and Jimmy and his ex Sally (Annette Ekblom) have there hands full. In another episode, a local rave burns to the ground and he has to find out why. Another episode has to deal with a kayaking trip that goes very, very wrong. The main problem is in series two as in one Jimmy is unable to separate family from work and his life just becomes one big mess. Series two also stars Jill Baker, Holly Davidson, and John McEnery. Can Jimmy pay his bills and still take care of his family? For that you will have to take a look. The episodes in this set are 'Pensioned Off', 'Horses for Courses', 'Playback', 'Kith and Kin', 'Keyman', and 'Swansong'.

Acorn is bringing us this wonderful series August 5, 2014. The DVDs are wonderfully done and the sound and visual are excellent. Kevin Whately once again gives us an excellent performance in this series just as he has done all these years as Inspector Lewis. This DVD set is perfect for your personal library and would be a perfect addition once you can get your hands on it. So don't waste any time to have this wonderful series in your home and at your disposal.