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The Breakfast Club restaurant in Monterey Bay review

Denver Omelette Breakfast at The Breakfast Club in Monterey
Photo by Shannon Hilson, used by permission

The Breakfast Club Restaurant in Monterey Bay


Once a year my father in law swings through the Monterey Bay area and visits me and my better half. Typically he likes to take us to his favorite once a year dining spot Bubba Gump. This last year however, he was pressed for time and recommended an establishment that was closer to our general vicinity (which also happened to serve breakfast).

The place was The Breakfast Club in Seaside. Not only was it close to where I reside, it was literally less than half a mile away -- located in a shopping center of all places. I'd never even heard of the place, let alone thought it would be right around the bend. To my random surprise, I'm glad I was introduced to the place.

Fortunately on that warm Monterey morning last October there was air conditioning in the car as well as a seemingly magical parking spot at the front of the restaurant -- fate perhaps? Indeed, I took it as a sign from the heavens that this place was in fact going to be the place to eat breakfast. Hell, even if we had to park a little bit farther away from the front door, I was so hungry that I didn't really care. Plus, walking burns calories. I would need that going into this place.

Thankfully there wasn't a line when we approached the front door. A couple minutes earlier there probably was considering the place was packed at 10am on a weekend. The food gods were again looking out for me because the place was self seating and through all of the chatter and stressed out servers, there it was -- a shiny table right in the center with our names seemingly plated in gold, ready to be occupied.

The staff was on point, weaving around every leg strewn out to trip and every "Excuse me" statement protruding from several tables. We started off with water and snagged a menu by our server 'Nadia', whose nametag was written on a piece of tape stuck upon her shirt. My Father In Law couldn't make out the name (so he said to her) and she replied "Nadia." I added "Like Nadia Ya business" to the conversation which got laughs from the Father In Law and server -- the joke being repeated under Dads breath amongst giggles throughout his breakfast. She was pleasant.

The Breakfast Club menu is a grand one. This place had so many options I didn't know where to start. Ok, I did, because when it's breakfast time at a restaurant I always go for the Denver Omelet (with a side of well seasoned home fries and a biscuit and gravy). And I'm glad I ordered it because it was one of the best Mile High egg concoctions that I've ever eaten -- and I could only finish half because the portions were so big. That's not a complaint, that's a compliment. That chicken produced monstrosity provided me with a night full of tasty leftovers. I highly recommend this dish if you ever find yourself at The Breakfast Club in Seaside.

My only complaint is that I only ate one thing on the. I am dying to try Chile Verde Pork and Jack Omelette, and that's just breakfast (which is served until 3pm)! I'm dying to try their Phatburger.

The Breakfast Club can be found at 1130 Fremont Blvd. in Seaside, California (Next to Outdoor World). Call (831) 394-3238 for 'To Go Orders' or additional information. The restaurant is open from 6am to 9pm every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. "A fun, family owned restaurant. Great home style cooking and fast, friendly service". Go and get some grub.

Connect with The Breakfast Club restaurant on their official Facebook page and visit the official website here.

Verdict: Four Culinary Knives out of Five

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