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The Blue Project Is A Bluesy Good Time

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The Blue Project


The Blue Project offers listeners an interesting and fascinating experience into the world of blues. It is a vibrant journey as Frank Lacy harmonizes around the instrumentation. The self-titled project is a 10 song combo of powerful vocals that produce an immediate presentation of craftsmanship and musical dynamism.

The opener "I Changed My Ways," blows into the ears of the listener cascading as one of the album's masterpieces with the additional vocal of Jo Wymer. The song is impeccably produced and the perfect example of what a blues song should encompass - grit and style. "Taste Like Chicken," offers a jazzier feel than other songs presented on the project. One could call it ear candy both in lyrics and cool music. There is without a doubt the feeling that the artists knew what they were doing when they created this. On "God of War," the Blue Project speeds up the way in which they exhibit their tone and overall sound speaking on religion. Rhythmic and intriguing, it feels as it Lacy is comfortable here. There is a sing-a-long aspect to this track that appears to be missing from the others, though it does not take away from the album's impression.

"Peanut Butter & Jelly," is perhaps one of the best blues songs to come around in quite some time. Full of attitude, musical precision and impeccable vocals, this song is the takeaway from the collection of ten tracks. On "Diminishing Returns," the lyrics cease and all the listener is captivated by is a guitar hauntingly soaring across a four minute threshold. The finale, "You're Looking Good Babe" begins much like the opener with a inviting component that ends an album that is cool and hip with a retro atmosphere.

The Blue Project is full all of the arrangements that will please musicians and listeners. Danny Petroni joined forces with Frank Lacy, Steve Nelson, Johnny Griffen, James Spaulding, Luther Thomas and Tony Scott to create something impressive. The Blue Project is noteworthy because the blues presented is not stale, but in a lane on its own displaying sounds that are unparalleled and matchless.

Final Grade: A

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