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The Blow for the marijuana culture ‘Kid Cannabis’ movie review

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Kid Cannabis


Throughout the course of time there are films that have been recognized as the pinnacle or downfall to each demographic it represents. From Godfather to Goodfellas, Scarface to Blow, usually films involving weed tend to stay on the more happier side of things. That is until now. From director John Stockwell comes this insane journey on the true story of the life of an Idaho teen dropout who becomes a big time pot dealer. Living close to Canada he and friends find the ultimate connection (John C. McGinley) and the ultimate source for money (Ron Perlman). What starts as a gateway into to paradise quickly becomes a reality of betrayal, big money and murder.

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The film stars Jonathan Daniel Brown (Project X) who does steady job of holding down his role and a narration that both Ray Liotta and Robert De Niro would be proud of. The film starts off with faced paced scenes that really give the big time drug movie feel that’s reminiscent of the classics. As with most of these types of films the formula is very similar piles of cash, guns, big tits, and lines of coke. What truly defines the film is the execution of it’s downfall of the central characters. Anything based off true events is made into a movie for a reason but Kid Cannabis doesn't hit as hard as it’s predecessors. While Kid Cannabis provides tons of melancholy it’s still hard to see this film appeal to the masses due to jokers involved on screen.

Even though the theatrics could seem far fetched at times (like shooting live ammo at every house party without anyone leaving) Brown and the others do a great job of capitalizing on their roles and almost pulls off a Sandlot feel with their companionship. Let’s not forget the adults in the film who also provide depth to Kid Cannabis. Both Perlman and McGinley are great and add a huge amount of class to their roles. Kid Cannabis is not your typical stoner movie as it is more of a coming of age story for one determined young man.

There are tons of laughs in Kid Cannabis but the style and vision of Stockwell allows this to flourish so much more. The “Gopro” look found on certain parts gave a look to the dark comedy based on films that pushes it to this generation of moviegoers. The youngsters will get a kick out of Kid Cannabis and this film will do awesome numbers once it hits home.

If you get a chance to see Kid Cannabis on demand or theaters we suggest you give it a view. Sometimes it’s a nice reminder that even in places like Idaho the dark side of drug culture still exists. When you include an outstanding cast to the mix, a real life tale can become an entertaining blend of success and failure that should be seen by all.

Kid Cannabis is theaters and on demand now. It is directed by John Stockwell and stars Jonathan Daniel Brown, Kenny Wormald, Ron Perlman,John C. McGinley, and Aaron Yoo. Kid Cannabis is being distributed courtesy of Well Go USA.


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