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The blessing: Stain fighter, brightener saved my clothes from the trash can.

OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover


Normally raving about laundry products weren't my thing but OxiClean was a blessing. Last month, while trying to soak and hang my clothes outside, my having to use an alphabet soup of stain fighters hadn't given very good results. My white shirts and socks looked like they needed bleaching or to have been tossed into the trash bin. My skin was irritated too from all those chemicals.

Keeping my old reliables wearable
Photo by Jason Kempin

At first, this brand wasn't liked by me because a friend of mine knocked over her 32 ounce soda from the living room coffee table. Her sister swore by the use of the above product and its removal of the large coke stain in the middle of my living room rug. After about 45 minutes of scrubbing, all it left was a large wet brown stain. When the space dried, it was a big brown stain. It only disappeared after maintanence cleaned my rug.

My use of their stain remover for laundry was great if the stain was treated right away. Set in stains were a little harder. Those required soaking first. My bad habit of cooking in my pajamas or clothing without an apron caused a lot of unwanted stains. It was not known whether one or two of my fleece gray night gowns were ruined because of this. The stain was over two years old in one night gown.

Last night, while folding my socks and shirts everyone thought were ruined, something else occurred. The ground in dirt from my socks and the dingy appearance of my white shirts disappeared. Talk about stand out whites! Those white shirts with the left pocket were great when carrying small items short distances. My old Nokia cell phone fit perfectly as did my mp3 player when they worked. The thougt of having them replaced was difficult. It wasn't easy finding oversized shirts like that.

Their product was everything that was advertised. There wasn't any stealing,or bearing false witness. It didnt cause anyone who got hung up wanting another's property because of the ads.