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‘The Blacklist’ recap: ‘The Judge’ and other unusual suspects

The Judge
The Judge
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The Blacklist


Air date March 3, 2014

Mark Hastings, who has been missing for the past twelve years, is found wandering along a snow-laden road. Hopefully, he hasn’t spent all this time walking around aimlessly. That would be cruel and tiring. Doubtful though. Red suspects Hastings, a state prosecutor, had been held captive all those years by “the Judge.”

The Judge, thought to have been a myth, is indeed real and is a self-appointed mini-God who decides the final fate of others outside the judicial system. Now it appears the Judge may have his or her sights set on Harold. Red also has suspicions and knowledge about the woman who has been all up in Lizzie's husband, Tom's grill lately.

When guest star, veteran actress Diane Wiest, trots out towards the barn carrying a large container saying, “its feeding time,” one would expect to see her toss out some grains of vittles to a few barnyard animals. One would be wrong. She is the Judge! Oh well, at least she is feeding her captives.

So Harold and the government official who gave him orders to coerce a confession from Alan Rifkin are kidnapped. Rifkin has just been executed by lethal injection and the Judge ain’t happy.

Lizzie goes to visit Hastings (you remember the wandering prosecutor), hopeful he can lead her to Harold’s whereabouts. Sadly, the poor traumatized man is a vegetable waiting to happen, but does manage to mutter, “Goodnight, mother.” Bingo! Those are the exact last words Rifkin uttered right before he left this world.

Just as Harold is about to be deep fried in a homemade electric chair, in walks Red with the truth regarding Alan Rifkin. He was indeed a terrorist. The Judge surrenders because you know, she’s all about justice and stuff.

And OMG! Who. The. Ham is Lizzie’s husband…really? Red, as usual, was right all along. Seriously folks, you will want to set your DVR and take your No-Doze for next week’s episode…talk about “will the real Tom Keen please stand up.”

'The Blacklist' can be seen on Mondays at 10:00 PM on NBC.


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