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‘The Blacklist’ tv recap: ‘Madeline Pratt’ honor among thieves

Blacklist Madeline Pratt
Blacklist Madeline Pratt
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The Blacklist


Television’s most clever socio-whatever, Red Reddington, is finally back. Oh, how we missed thee. We find him lounging around getting pricked by acupuncture and looking all kinds of porcupine. But oh he is as poetically sarcastic as ever with zingers constantly dripping down his tongue like bee stings. Red can take the blush right out of your cheeks.

Red has his eye on one Ms. Madeline Pratt and Madeline Pratt has her eye on a priceless artifact – a small statue. Caught in the middle of their little cat and mouse game is Liz who agrees to go undercover as a criminal. She is rather convincing, by the way. It makes you wonder what Ms. Liz did before going all federal.

Meanwhile, Red had better watch his back. Harold suspects him of being the cause of Diane Fowler’s demise (and he is) and Harold wants the matter investigated.

Red and Liz attend a big soiree where the artifact is housed. Liz sneaks off to steal it. Bells, whistles and alarms go off. Red hilariously rescues her (insert Emmy nominating clip here). Madeline invokes the old double-cross clause and skedaddled with it.

Holy war games, it seems this little statue contains the locations of Russian nuclear weapons planted about long ago. This definitely should not get into the wrong hands.

Red eventually catches up with Madeline and a group of baddies catches up with them and locks them up. Red offers up some sob story about his wife and kid. Madeline goes all soft and agrees to give up the location of the piece of paper if the captives would let Red go free. Oops, Madeline just got played (insert another Emmy nominating clip here).

Back at the office, Harold is questioning Red and Red is doing what he does, avoid giving straight answers. When asked if he had the coordinates map, Red eluded to not having a need for what he referred to as “Russian firecrackers from the 60’s.” You have to love this man.

On the home front, it looks as though Tom and Liz’s marriage may be crumbling even more. Will she succumb to the arms of her partner, if given the chance?