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‘The Blacklist’ recap: ‘Milton Bobbit’ the undertaker

Milton Bobbit
Milton Bobbit

'The Blacklist' Milton Bobbit


Air date March 31

Tom is pond scum! But first…Milton Bobbit.

Mr. Bobbit a/k/a The Undertaker is a weasel of a man, a life insurance claims adjuster who convinces people to assassinate others by murder-suicide. He’s also somewhat a freak of nature with a false nose and body sores mapped out over his entire body.

Liz is at home giving the performance of her life by pretending all is normal. Tom has the unmitigated gall to suggest they renew their wedding vows. She probably wants to gouge his eyes out with a melon-baller right about now, but agrees to go through with it anyway.

We have a new sub-team folks. Team Red Liz and their subject is Tom Keen. They have their own safe house with pictures of Tom on the wall. Take that Tom! But for now, Liz must make sure she continues to keep up appearances and gears into hot pursuit of Milton Bobbit, this week’s pick on the blacklist.

Liz and Tom renew their vows at home in front of family and friends. Well, really friends and speaking of family, Tom’s brother Craig is there officiating the ceremony. Later, he warns Tom that Liz knows. He can tell. Tom does not believe it or at least he says he doesn’t believe. He’s such a good actor. But wait, did Tom and Craig grow up in a home with parents who molded killers?

The agents intercept Bobbit’s next murder-suicide attempt. Really now, are we caring about Milty and his twisted woes?

Red takes another trip to another foreign country just to get some DNA results on Tom. By the way, why do people get so upset and nervous when Red pops up on these surprise visits? The man is a delight.

Craig is not so happy to see Liz either and understandably so since she punches her way into his hotel room. Poor Craig. He tried to take his beat down like a man, but he just fell to the floor like a girl.

Lies and propaganda. Craig is not Tom’s brother. Craig is not even his real name. It’s Christopher Something-another. There is no time for deep interrogation. Liz has to run because she does have a day job to report to. So this means it is now Red’s turn to host the party. And boy does he know how to throw a shindig. First, he assures Craig/Christopher he can and will make him talk.

Red and his right-hand man, Dembe, take Craig/Christopher to some sort of weird museum filled with grotesque masks in all shapes and sizes hanging from the rafters. We then see Dembe wheel Craig/Christopher’s mom in. Oh yeah, we see the surprise and fear on his face. Craig/Christopher warns Red not to harm his mother. Red being Red acts as though he didn’t hear a word Craig/Christopher said and rattles off about something that is neither here nor there.

Red and Dembe take Craig/Christopher back to his hotel room, re-chain him the bathroom sink and kick back to enjoy a refreshing episode of ‘The Three Stooges’ when Liz walks in.

Realizing the authorities are on to him, Bobbit kidnaps the man who made him into test-tube Bobbit and prepares to carry out this murder-suicide mission himself.

Caught between a rock, a hard place and team Red Liz, a hands-free Craig/Christopher runs towards a window and leaps to his death. Such a shame how the mere mention of Berlin instills fear into the hearts of some people.

The agents rescue the kidnapped victim but Bobbit goes ahead and takes himself out anyway.

At home, if you can call it that, Tom touches Liz on the shoulder and reminds her that they are newlyweds. Okay, NOW she is about to give the performance of her life.

Tune into ‘The Blacklist’ on Mondays at 10:00 PM on NBC.

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