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‘The Blacklist’ recap: ‘Mako Tanida’ casualties of war

Liz helps Donald
Liz helps Donald

The Blacklist


Air date March 17

This week, the body count rises especially when criminal Mako Tanida escapes from prison seeking revenge and he starts with forcing an agent to fall on a sword. Ouch!

Tom waltzes through the house and stumbles upon Jolene chatting up Liz. He’s looking less than pleased. Perhaps Jolene has a death wish. Red warns Donald that Tanida will be after him and all other task force members who were responsible for his stay in prison. Of course Red is right, but first another agent gets to bite the dust. So yeah Donald, by all means, sleep with one eye opened.

As for Tom, underneath that meek yet steely surface lies a man who is as routinely disciplined as a baby on a Gerber’s peas and carrots diet. Tom and Jolene meet at his secret hideaway where photos all plastered all over the wall like wallpaper. Tom has been watching Red just as Red has been watching him. Can’t wait for that showdown. But talk about a Jekyll and Hyde personality. Somebody give this guy an award already. An Emmy, a Golden Globe, a blue ribbon…something!

Knowing his life and those he love are in danger, Donald grabs up Audrey to tuck her away to safety. However, they get ambushed while in route. Donald and Tanida meet face-to-face. The two struggle with a gun which discharges a bullet straight to Audrey’s gut. Sorry, but why did she walk right into all that action?

Red enlists the aid of tall, dark and mysterious (Lance Reddick) or as Red refers to him, “the cowboy.” He wants the cowboy to bring in Jolene, but the man is not as cloak and dagger, Marlboro Man cool as he thinks he is. The cowboy follows Jolene but Dr. Jekyll, sorry, Tom is following him. So now the cowboy is held captive by Tom and Jolene. Figuring the cowboy is following the orders of Red, Tom instructs her to call Liz to inform her she will be moving. The cowboy warns her not to make the phone call lest Tom will kill her then kill him. The chick makes the call anyway with her back turned away from the men. Ugh! Yep, she does have a death wish. No sooner than she presses “end” Tom beats the crap out of her, kills her and the cowboy just as he prophesied.

Donald and the only other task force member left, Bobby, is driving around with their prize, Tanida. A lot can come out during a stressful road trip and the knowledge gleaned here is that Bobby is the reason for Tanida’s wrath. Bobby murdered the man’s brother and just took over his heroin empire without permission. Liz arrives in time to plead with Donald not to shoot Bobby. Donald asks her “what if it (Audrey) had been Tom who was killed? What would she do?” If only they knew. Do you think with Audrey gone and Tom obviously going when Liz realizes what a snake he is, Donald and Liz will hook up by season 2 or 3 or maybe by season 15? Surely, ‘The Blacklist’ will be around that long.

What happened to Tanida? Who knows. He escaped during all the commotion. Although later on, Red does send Donald a head in a box. A noggin for a girlfriend? Good Lord, what type of consolation prize is this?

Red is personally being treated to a ballet performance. He is all kinds of lovable weird. Tom, after burying bodies in the woods, goes home to shower off the blood. Lizzie joins him as the last traces wash down the drain. Poor thing. She is going to be so shocked and heartbroken when she meets the Jekyll side to his Hyde. Then again, after the tears fall, she will probably beat him down to mush.

Watch ‘The Blacklist’ on Mondays at 10:00 PM on NBC.

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