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‘The Blacklist’ recap: ‘Ivan’ is not the big problem here

Tom and Liz
Tom and Liz

The Blacklist 'Ivan'


Red sends Tom’s scent to law enforcement bloodhounds by calling in a missing persons report on Jolene. The thing is he knows perfectly well Jolene (and the Cowboy) is resting in a shallow grave dug up by Tom. Red also gives Liz the next name on the list, a cyber terrorist by the name of Ivan who they mistakenly think stole a cyber defense skeleton key (laptop).

Sidebar: Who else but Red uses an old wanted poster for an I.D. card. The man is hilarious.

Liz is on her laptop doing some research on Jolene after the police paid a visit at her home. Tom is playing super dumb. Interesting how he has the nerve to mention you don’t really know people as he holds Liz in his battle trained arms. Liz vows to find out more on Jolene now that she has discovered the woman’s criminal past. You could almost see Tom clenching his teeth.

Ivan, as it turns out, is being set up by a serious hacker who is in actual possession of the skeleton key. And why are most of these hacker geniuses still going through puberty? Case in point - this particular hacker is 17-year old high school student Harrison Lee. You can almost see traces of Gerber baby food around his mouth.

Uh-oh. Liz finds Tom’s spy lair and barely misses seeing him even though he straight punches her in the face. Oh yeah, Tom has had some very intense covert training.

Later, Liz gives the police a description of the suspect who sucker-punched her: male, Caucasian, blah-blah-blah. It would be easier to say “my husband” if she had known. Liz goes to see Red for possible answers, ideas, etc. He gives her nothing and this upsets Liz to the point where she practically shouts her thanks to God for Tom. You almost want to do a cry/laugh.

Meanwhile, the mischievous Harrison Lee causes a city blackout. Why can’t he just use his powers for good instead of gross misuse? But he is not smart after all because the grown-ups figured out his location. And why is Harrison Lee going through all this trouble? He is obsessed with the daughter of the man who created the skeleton key. Love sure can make you do wrong sometimes like cause a blackout so as to lure your unrequited love to your hideout.

OMG! Tom made a slip and Lizzie is putting two and two together. She goes to see Red again, who apparently is one step ahead as usual and is waiting to comfort her. Now, Red says he has never lied to Liz, which for some reason comes off as believable. However, do you think he lied just once and really is her father?

The Blacklist’ airs on Mondays at 10:00 PM on NBC.