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The Black Keys go Electro Pop on Psychedelic Album, Turn Blue

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The Black Keys - 'Turn Blue'


The Grammy winning duo, Dan Auerback (vocals, guitar) & Patrick Carney (drums) release all sorts of pop, electro funk on their eighth studio album, Turn Blue. The Black Keys are back and better than ever on this 11 track mind blaze. Erupts with a seven minute slow rock anthem called 'Weight of Love' that reminds you of floating down the Guadalupe river in Austin, Texas. Mellow groove and one hell of a vocal from Mr. Auerback.

What comes after seven minutes in heaven is basically 48 minutes of pure paradise. The album cover alone is a loud, clever indication that the level of creativity and thought behind the lyrics and sounds is off the roof bad ass. While some may argue they have become too mainstream to listen to and respect, some musicians are just meant to blow up. If so many people throughout the planet keep an album at number one + music industry professionals recognize talent with multiple awards, including the most prestigious award, the Grammy, they are obviously doing something brilliant. It's not like they have a huge Gaga type of marketing team behind them flaunting an album that eventually fails. It's quite the opposite. They kill it because they simply make great music, period.

'Turn Blue' will likely win numerous awards, turn heads while jamming out in the jeep and be played at reservoir days, lake house bashes and any summertime outdoor event, especially tiki bars on the beach or on an island in San Francisco. Totally a west coast, from ColoRADo to California vibe going on with the The Black Keys here. Every song captures a feeling or experience taking place in your life right this second. The intensity increases in the middle of the album followed by a dramatic, flawless finale.

Throw back a couple cold ones, snag a hit from your vape or whatever floats your boat, and enjoy this masterpiece from the amazingly mega-talented, rock duo, The Black Keys.