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The Big Brawl

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The Big Brawl


Jackie Chan is Jerry Kwan, a young Chinese man in 1930's Chicago. Jerry's family owns a local restaurant that is being pressured by mobsters to pay protection money. Jerry does his best to fight the mobsters which catches the boss's eye.

Now Jerry Kwan is forced to compete in the Battle Creek Brawl; a contest between fighters in Texas. One of the competitions is a ridiculous anything goes roller skate race through town.

Jerry Kwan trains with his uncle to prepare for the battle. He relies on his agility and speed to battle such characters as Billy Kiss, the reigning champion that kisses his defeated opponents.

The Big Brawl was Chan's first attempt into American cinema. The hope was that producers Raymond Chow and Fred Weintraub would strike gold with Chan as they did with Bruce Lee in Enter The Dragon.

But The Big Brawl was panned critically and failed at the box office. Chan would try again with The Protector and Cannonball Run to break into mainstream American cinema. But this would not happen until Rumble In The Bronx.

The Big Brawl is almost forgotten; Chan's usual fighting style and comedy is seriously watered down.