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‘The Big Bang Theory’ tv recap: ‘The Table Polarization’ manipulations abound

Who needs a dining room table
Who needs a dining room table
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The Big Bang Theory - The Table Polarization


Air date 2/27/14

Dinners around the coffee table have finally gotten to be noticeably crowded. Ever the creature of habit, Sheldon has a near meltdown when roomie Leonard suggest introducing their apartment to a dining room table. Why the Sheldon hysterics? Well, if you remember, it did take Sheldon a minute to warm up to the idea of having a couch, which he now claims ownership to a designated spot.

Howard gets a phone call from NASA with a second offer to go shuttle off into outer space and to everyone’s surprise, agrees to a second round of space travel.

Sheldon accuses Penny of influencing Leonard, but suddenly the tables are turned on him when she points out how much Amy has influenced him. So what does Sheldon do? He trots over to Amy’s to break up with her.

The next turn of events has us watching Amy Farrah Fowler masterfully wrapping and weaving Dr. Sheldon Cooper around her finger and wrist even tighter. Hilarious stuff. Sheldon is not as smart as he thinks. My how Amy has grown, using her womanly wiles and all.

Bernadette, her dad, Raj and an astronaut via Skype give Howard a reality check to remind him of his last journey beyond earth. Apparently, Howard had forgotten how afraid, miserable and homesick he was on that trip. After he comes to his senses, he comes up with a plan to fail his physical exam. Howard calls his mom while having his blood pressure checked. Don’t try this at your doctor’s office. Raising blood pressure levels past boiling can cost you a stay in the hospital.
Finally, the gang is enjoying a meal at the new dining room table with the exception of a rebellious Sheldon and Amy who would rather to stay seated on the sofa. But eating in a huddle is just not the same so the gang leaves the new table to join Sheldon and Amy. Well, this time with the exception of a rebellious Raj who unlike Sheldon welcomes and appreciates a niece piece of lumber to dine off of.

Watch ‘The Big Bang Theory’ on Thursday at 8:00 PM on CBS and don’t forget to watch Jim Parsons (Sheldon) as he hosts ‘Saturday Night Live’ on March 1, 2014 at 11:30 PM on NBC.