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‘The Big Bang Theory’ tv recap: ‘The Locomotive Manipulation’

Ye Annual State of the Relationship Summitt
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CBS The Big Bang Theory


All aboard, get on the love train


Valentines Day is a-coming and everyone’s favorite nerds are preparing to celebrate with their signification others. Well, sort of. Amy and Sheldon are sitting in the living room holding their Annual State of the Relationship Summit. The topic of assigning each other pet names comes up and nothing says romance like creating a list of pet names and having the list notarized. You are a real Romeo, Sheldon.

He is not feeling Amy’s plan to spend the day o’ love at a bed & breakfast. Sheldon is concerned about the B&B having claw-foot bathtubs. Amy assures him they do not. She knows they make him feel like he is bathing inside of a monster. After Amy informs Sheldon that their mode of travel will be by train, his face lights up and he almost breaks down and give his girl a hug…almost. Joining them on this romantic journey are Howard and Bernadette who feel Amy’s pain after Sheldon meets and chats up a fellow train enthusiast.

Leonard and Penny stay behind and agree to babysit Raj’s precious and pampered pup, Cinnamon. When Leonard and Penny slip away into the bedroom to spend some ‘alone time’ together, Cinnamon slips into a box of chocolate that was left carelessly within her reach. Nine minutes later (oh yeah, the time will be hilariously determined), the two discover their mistake. They take the dog to the vet where she gets checked out as they get chewed out by nurse Ratched.

After Amy lights into Sheldon for ignoring her to run off and play choo-choo with new pal and railroad loving passenger, Sheldon surprises us all. He kisses Amy! And it was no peck on the cheek either. On the lips and she tasted like brownies, according to Sheldon.

It looks like Raj may have finally found love. The vet wrote a suggestive message on a note Raj had slipped inside his pocket and didn’t read until after he arrived home. Raj tells his beloved pooch if he had known this was all it took he would have given her a “special treat” a long time ago.

Great episode.

The Big Bang Theory can be seen on Thursdays at 8:00 PM ET/PT on CBS.

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