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‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap: ‘The Status Quo Combustion’ or Sheldon falls apart

Season Finale
Season Finale

The Big Bang Theory


First, Penny and Leonard announce their engagement to their friends and the living room is quickly filled with cheers and excitement, but when Raj says he’s bedded Emily, even Penny and Leonard put their personal joy aside to congratulate him because as Bernadette sort of puts it, Raj’s news really is news. Penny and Leonard push the engagement button all the time. According to Rag and contrary to belief, it’s not like getting up and riding a bike again. He fell off a few times.

Sheldon, on the other hand, receives some disappointing news. The University won’t let him switch from string theory to something else so he decides to write a letter of appeal in a juvenile language they can understand. Those educated fools!

Leonard contacts his mom to share his good news, but Sheldon had already beaten him to that punch. Mom says if Penny is good enough for Sheldon then Penny is good enough for her. The woman has as much compassion as a turnip but is so deadpan hilarious.

On another mother front, Howard and Bernadette are having a difficult time keeping hired help for the still ailing Mrs. Holowitz. Even an unemployed Penny gave it a whirl but ended up throwing her Playtex gloves in the trash and walking out the door. Howard is leaning towards releasing his mother back into the ocean.

And speaking of leaving, Sheldon obviously hadn’t given any realistic thought as to what it would mean for him once Penny and Leonard are married. He slowly realizes it would be the end of the roommate agreement after Leonard tries to break it to him gently. Sheldon throws a hissy fit because Leonard is putting the needs of his new bride-to-be before his. The world as Sheldon knows it is changing and he does not like it. He then goes over to the Amy’s apartment where he is further frustrated by her suggestion of living together and making his strawberry quick with syrup instead of powder so he bounces from there also.

Still upset, Sheldon hopes to find comfort at his favorite comic book store only to find a soot-stained Stuart trying to clean up his burned out mess. Stuart had been across the street at the car wash taking a shower when an unmanned hot plate sparked a fire at his store. Now Sheldon is really in turmoil but does offer to help Stuart get back on his feet by buying one comic book which costs less than five dollars. That should tremendously Sheldon. Your generosity knows no bounds.

Later, Raj and Howard also pay a visit to the comic store when suddenly a light goes off in Howard’s head. He offer’s the home healthcare position to Stuart who it turns absolutely loves his new job taking care of his new friend “Debbie” Wolowitz. Stuart practically skips around the house with joy.

It’s late and Sheldon has not come up home yet. A very worried Leonard tracks him down at the train station. When Penny and Leonard arrive, Sheldon tells them he is overwhelmed and needs to get away for a while. Leonard tries to convince him to stay. Penny tells Leonard that getting away may be good for Sheldon. After all he is a grown man. No he’s not. He just looks like one.

Leonard eventually agrees and tells Sheldon they will miss him as they begin to leave the station. Sheldon knows they will miss him and tells them as much. Soon afterwards, Leonard and Penny are back at the apartment and joined by Amy who is on the phone talking to Sheldon. After she hangs up, she relays the conversation to them and breaks down by pounding Leonard with a pillow asking him how could he let Sheldon go?

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