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‘The Big Bang Theory’ recap: ‘The Relationship Diremption’ breaking up is hard

The Relationship Diremption
The Relationship Diremption

The Big Bang Theory


Sheldon is wondering if he should end his 20-year relationship with string theory since he seems to be getting no where. He even explains to Penny how it is causing him to lose sleep after she expresses her belief his insomnia is due to the new ‘Walking Dead’ pillow cases.

Raj makes a clean break from Lucy especially since she is nothing like new date Emily and he even tells her so. So much said for tact and softening the blow, Raj.

Penny, Sheldon’s new barber, gives him a moussed up hair style instead of his usual Alfalfa clip. Amy disapproves of the new look. She doesn’t want other women seeing him looking all tasty like sex on a stick. One look in the mirror and Sheldon agrees. The style does make him look too hot.

Howard and Bernadette go out on a double date with Raj and Emily, but there is one slight embarrassing moment that causes Howard to be uncomfortable. Emily finally remembers where she had seen him before. Howard once went on a blind date with her. Well, he almost went on a blind date with Emily. When he arrived at her home, he also arrived with an upset stomach and had to use the bathroom and ended up clogging her toilet, earning him the nickname “Clogzilla.”
Following the snickers, cracks and jokes, Howard excuses himself to get some air to which Emily responds, “Been there!”

To relax and overcome his anxiety over finding a physics book referencing anything other than string theory, Sheldon guzzles down a few glasses of wine with Amy, Leonard and Penny. Intoxicated, Amy later helps him to his bedroom. The next day, a bare-chested Sheldon wakes up, looks over and whispers in shame, “oh no.”

Oh no? Oh no, what? Could it be? Is that Amy on the other side of his bed?

Oh no! It’s worse than we thought. Sheldon is a big cheat. Lying next to him is another book. Has he even told string theory it was over?

Later that day, Sheldon gives a solemn rundown of his night to Howard including the part about leaving a drunken yet hilarious message on Stephen Hawking’s phone. Howard in turn shares the details of his evening including recalling the time he did a number on Emily’s bathroom with the number being two.

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