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‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap: ‘The Proton Transmogrification’ may the 4th be with

The Proton
The Proton

The Big Bang Theory


The gang is gearing up for Star Wars Day, which is May 4th and they can hardly contain their glee. And the women can hardly contain their befuddlement regarding these grown men.

Upon surfing the web, Leonard discovers some very sad news and delivers it to Sheldon. His idol Arthur Jeffries (Professor Proton) has passed away. The professor was struck down in the prime of Sheldon’s life. Because he shows no emotion (naturally) and has little reflection, Amy questions why Sheldon would rather watch sci-fi movies he’s seen dozens of times rather than pay his respects at Arthur’s funeral. Feeling insulted Sheldon points out that if the two of them were in a physical relationship, Amy would be denied sex that evening.

Penny and Leonard do attend the memorial service, her first. Penny feels like she should cry but can’t. The valves to her waterworks are completely shut off.

As much as he may try, it is obvious to everyone that Sheldon is having trouble processing his grief. While Raj and Howard enjoy a movie without Sheldon there to spew snide remarks, Sheldon is lying in bed dreaming about Arthur. In the dream, Arthur questions his attire and his disappointment in not being in Florida. Sheldon explains to him that he is wearing a Jedi robe, but Arthur feels he’s dressed like Friar Tuck.

At the funeral, Leonard is having grown-up feelings recognizing life can be short. So naturally, this leads to him and Penny discussing marriage again. However, it’s more like evening the score on rejecting each other’s proposals.

Over in dreamland with Arthur and Sheldon, Arthur tries to plant words of wisdom into Sheldon. After Sheldon says he’s lost all the men he’s ever looked up, Arthur tells him to appreciate the people who are still here. He also tells Sheldon to not spend every waking and sleeping moment in Star Wars land. Sheldon wakes up and asks Leonard about the funeral before joining the rest of the gang to watch…you can guess this.

And to put the cheese on the cracker, Amy and Bernadette come over with the death star cake they baked to cap off Star Wars Day. May the 4th be with you.

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