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‘The Big Bang Theory’ recap: ‘The Indecision Amalgamation’ to be or not to be

Big Bang Theory Indecisions
Big Bang Theory Indecisions

'The Big Bang Theory'


Now that March madness is gone with the wind, its time to get back into some Sheldon Cooper craziness, some Raj romance and other geeky goodness.

Bernadette lays her burdens on the ladies’ shoulders. She wrote inappropriate comments on a get well card which she mistakenly thought was a retirement card. Writing things like “good luck wherever you wind up” or “you deserve it” is not something you want to say to someone who was hit by a car and may now be dying.

Amy is being super comically condescending as she is forced to listen to Sheldon bellyache over his X-Box versus PS-4 issues. Who knew a simple request to pass the butter could begin and end so hilariously. Even as Sheldon kisses her goodnight (yes, he kisses Amy again), he still cannot stop talking about his gaming dilemma. As for the kiss, don’t be surprised to learn that little act of affection has been drafted in the “relationship agreement.”

Raj hooks up with the redhead who rejected him in a previous episode. All goes well until Raj receives an email from his socially inept ex-girlfriend Lucy stating she wants to get back together with him. Now the man who couldn’t get a date if he had won one has a platinum playa card. But Raj can’t date two women at the same time not when zero is his normal dating speed limit.

Penny seeks advice from actor Will Wheaton. She’s torn between choosing a cheesy movie part in a sequel to the ape movie she previously starred in or wait for something better to come along. All this talk does is make Will reflect on his own career.

Raj goes on a dinner date with new girl (redhead) and ends up talking old girl (Lucy). New girl doesn’t seem to mind. In fact, she appears flattered that Raj felt comfortable enough to confide in her and Raj seems equally impressed.

Sheldon still can’t decide on whether to purchase an X-Box or PS-4. Amy flips a coin to help him decide. He flips the coins, apparently not satisfied with the flip and throws the coin across the room. Amy politely points out he could have just given her the coin back. The two of them leave the store empty-handed with Sheldon in tears.

And guess who shows up wearing an ape suit because he too has a part in the same ridiculous monkey movie as Penny? It’s Will Wheaton and he is bananas about it.

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