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‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap: ‘The Gorilla Dissolution’ no need to go bananas

The Gorilla Dissolution
The Gorilla Dissolution

'The Big Bang Theory' The Gorilla Dissolution


After getting steamrolled by a treadmill Howard and Raj let slip down the stairs, Mrs. Wolowitz is injured and will be in need of care. Guess who the lucky winners of that chore are. Why Howard and Bernadette, of course. Howard, who spent most of life living with his mother, knows the types of headaches they are in store for, but Bernadette is eager to play Florence Nightingale.

Raj and Sheldon go out to see a movie where they run into Raj’s girlfriend…and her date. But before Raj is faced with such an awkward moment, Sheldon asks that she do a quick skin (forehead) exam, being she’s into dermatology and all. Sheldon is concerned bout getting nose bridge herpes.

Penny is on the set of her new ape movie with Leonard there to cheer her on. Feeling she could do a better job, Penny asks to do a retake but her obnoxious and uninterested director objects. She stands her ground. He loses his patience and fires her.

The injured Mrs. Wolowitz is bellowing about being hungry again. Apparently, she has these pangs every hour since Howard equates her with being the world’s largest cuckoo clock. He tries to convince Bernadette that hiring someone to put up with the aggravation would be best and has no qualms about being a putz about it. Bernadette is not quite fully worn out yet.

Surprisingly, a brokenhearted Raj receives relationship advice from Sheldon. He asks Sheldon how he would feel if he saw Amy with another man. Sheldon states this can never happen due their relationship agreement and points out how Raj falls for every woman he meets. Shaking his head as a sign that he understands, Raj thinks Sheldon is telling him to not fall head over heels so quickly and work on himself, but Sheldon is really suggesting he gets castrated.

Penny’s getting fired from the movie has got her thinking she needs to make smart choices in her life like marrying Leonard for instance. So she proposes…again, but this time she’s sober. Leonard doesn’t take her seriously. In fact, Leonard believes Penny is just trying to play things safe since she’s gotten canned and is comparing him to a safe and healthy bran muffin. After the couple go back and forth with their song and dance, the two finally realized they are engaged and Leonard pulls out a ring he’s been carrying around in his wallet for years.

Emily stops by Raj’s apartment to explain what he saw at the movie theater. The guy she was with had been bugging her for a date ever since he did her tattoos so she decided to go out with him to get the guy off her back. She is not seeing anyone else. Emily hints at a game of “show and tell” with her tattoos. Raj wants to do crunches first before showing her his eight-pack. And Bernadette finally puts down her nursing cap and hires a caretaker for the demanding Mrs. Wolowitz.

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