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‘The Big Bang Theory’ recap: ‘The Friendship Turbulence’ what are friends for

Big Bang Theory Friendship Turbulence
Big Bang Theory Friendship Turbulence
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The Big Bang Theory


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Bernadette wants to know why Sheldon picks on her hubby so much. Because ten years ago, Howard told Sheldon he looked like Pee Wee Herman. Thus, the beginnings of a friendship filled with insults, jabs, zingers and other terms of endearment. Besides, the glue that keeps them all together is their love for games and comic books.

Later, after some needling and seduction from Bernadette, Howard buckles down and extends an olive branch in an effort to tighten his friendship with Sheldon. However, Sheldon thinks what they have now is already a bit much that is until Howard invites him on a trip to NASA.

Meanwhile, Raj not only seeks Amy’s help in meeting women online, but wants her to speak on his behalf as well. He eventually learns that was a mistake when the woman “falls” for Amy instead. Now that Raj can talk to a woman without the need for liquid courage, maybe he’ll one day speak for himself once he learns what to say. After all, you can’t go around telling women you’re comparable to the tail of a panther.

Sheldon is riding along with Penny in her car when suddenly there is a noise and smoke billowing from the engine. At least that dogged check engine light finally went out. So now this means Penny has to go back to work in order to pay for having the car fixed. This is something she dreads doing and fortunately won’t have to. Leonard surprises Penny with a car so she can continue to go to her auditions.

Up in the friendly skies, things aren’t so friendly at the moment. Sheldon and Howard are back to trading insults. Howard accuses Sheldon of being jealous of him and Sheldon confesses that as a child he did want to become an astronaut when he grew up, but after Howard’s space flight he realized they would send anybody.

Ah, the lesson to this story is that there is nothing like a little turbulence to bring people closer. Apparently, the plan has not hit an air pocket but a ditch in the sky. Howard and Sheldon are shaken (literally) to the point where they are holding hands to get through a little shake, rattle and roll.

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