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‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap: ‘The Anything Can Happen Recurrence’ Thursdays

Anything Can Happen
Anything Can Happen

The Big Bang Theory


Sheldon is still trying to find something to replace string theory and asks Leonard for his opinion according to what’s on Sheldon’s list on the board. Leonard suggests dark matter so Sheldon eliminates it as a viable choice simple because Leonard suggested it. The topic changes and they start discussing bringing back “anything can happen Thursdays.”

Raj is keeping Howard company while Howard nurses his mom back to health. They try watching a horror movie which is what Raj’s new girlfriend Emily is into. Horror movies are not for the faint or geeks at heart.

Sheldon, Leonard and Penny stroll along the streets of Pasadena in search of a new place to eat as part of their “anything can happen Thursday.” They run into Bernadette, who is supposed to be working late and Amy, who is supposed to be home sick. Now the trio wants to know why the duo lied to them and are out together having a nice time. Even Sheldon is dumbfounded as he points out how Amy looks as pale and tired as always.

Bernadette’s explanation is that she is sick of Penny’s complaining about her movie career and Sheldon’s whining over string theory is driving Amy nuts. Penny and Sheldon leave Amy, Bernadette and Lenard in a huff. Leonard is shunned and left behind because he silently agreed with Bernadette.

To get even, Penny calls Howard to tattle on Bernadette. Instead of getting upset, he gets excited because this means Bernadette will have to wear the Catholic schoolgirl outfit for him tonight. As “anything can happen Thursdays” continue, Penny drags Sheldon to see a psychic. Sheldon, the skeptic, is stumped when the psychic tells him he is romantically involved with a dark-haired woman who he should give himself to wholeheartedly in order for things to fall into place in his place. The psychic says Amy is the key to his life personally and professionally. Sheldon’s mouth says “malarkey” but his eyes say “uh-oh” and he storms out.

Raj’s girlfriend comes over to his apartment to watch a horror flick. He confesses he’s not into that sort of thing and she confesses that not only was she a nanny some years ago and could change his diaper if he had an accident due to fright, but she only watches horror films because they turn her on. Raj is now an instant fan of the genre.

Taking a cue from Bernadette, Amy shows up at Sheldon’s wearing a schoolgirl uniform. Clueless, because he is so unlike Howard, Sheldon admits he does not understand the concept behind the getup. Gotta love him.

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