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‘The Big Bang Theory’ recap: ‘The Mommy Observation’ can hurt your eyes

Big Bang Mommy Observation
Big Bang Mommy Observation

The Big Bang Theory


<Spoiler Alert>

While Sheldon and Howard are away in Texas, the rest of the gang is sharing a meal at the apartment. Stuart shows up and soon falls to the floor feigning a sudden death. Dun-dun-dun. Raj has tricked them into playing another murder mystery night. He is such a determined rascal.

Howard drives Sheldon over to his mother’s house to surprise her, but the surprise is on Sheldon when he gets a gander of her and a naked man through a window. Poor Shelly, his eyes may never recover from this. He joins Howard a local bar to drown his sorrows with one big gulp of beer. He asks Howard if he has any idea what its like to see your mom ravishing someone. Howard says yes if you’re counting a brisket.

Meanwhile, Raj is struggling hard to pep his party-poopers into participating with great enthusiasm. That’s a wash. But the game does get an adrenaline boost when Raj’s “proposed future” cards causes an ah hah moment between Penny and Leonard. She expects him to come with her wherever she goes when she becomes a big movie star. He expects tenure at some university. The one thing they all agree upon is to remain friends and hook up twenty years later.

Howard gives Sheldon a word of advice. Sheldon and his mom have “the talk” about her desecrating such a fine Ethan Allen sofa. Although he must admit his mother is a grown woman free to live her life, Sheldon has a word of advice for her also when she cries out, “Oh Lord” to his birds and the bees talk.

He responds with a finger pointed upward, “No, don’t look to Him. He’s mad at you right now.”
Mrs. Cooper confesses she is not perfect, but her beau’s booty is.

And Stuart’s murderer turned out to be Penny.

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