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"The Big Ask": No Chill to speak of

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The Big Ask


"The Big Ask" could've been like the "The Big Chill." I mean, the names are similar and both have pretty people determined to reconnect, bond, and likely get naked, but that's where the similarities end and the chaos begins.

Andrew (David Krumholtz) is taking the recent death of his mom pretty badly and invites his friends up to the desert for few days of R&R. Once there, he gathers them to let them know that he needs an "injection of love" by sleeping with his friends girlfriends. Suffice it to say that pals Owen (Jason Ritter) and Dave (Zachary Knighton) are less than amused but write it off in the beginning as temporary insanity. That is, until they realize he's absolutely serious.

The respective girlfriends Emily (Gillian Jacobs) and Zoe (Ahna O'Reily) react in opposite ways with Zoe being grossed out, but Emily thinking it might be therapeutic. Trust me, that kind of therapy would actually have men watching Dr. Phil. Nevertheless, the three couples spend time trying to reason with their distraught friend as best they can.

First time directors Thomas Beatty (son of Ned, who makes a brief but entertaining cameo) and Rebecca Fishman hit all the right spots in bringing together a very talented group of actors. Their onscreen chemistry speaks not only to their talent, but to a fine bit of casting. However, the script by Beatty didn't give them much to work with. Despite the tension between the three couples over Andrew's question, things never rise above a simmer with any of them. They're too polite, even when Andrew tells the guys in no uncertain terms that he doesn't care about their feelings. In the end, you'll have spent so much time screaming at the screen for someone to show some anger or intensity, that you'll be too tiredto care about the hurried ending.

"The Big Ask" - MPAA: Unrated. Running time: 90 minutes. In limited release and also on VOD