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The Big 4 Reviews: Megadeth

The Big 4 DVD


12 songs, 61:28 of blistering tight metal.

A set from hell, the greatest hits Megadeth ever put out, played with a fervor unseen by Megadeth in the past.

Kicking off with Holy Wars, this set doesn't let up. It's all the great Megadeth you'd ever want to fit in an hour. The mixing in 5.1 is sick and well divided. The vocals are crystal and right in the center channel at a great level to hear it over the din. The crowd noise could have stood for some better representation during the songs, but is loud and proud all around, the instruments never really come back into the back realm all that much, aside for during the intro to Hangar 18 and Skin O' My Teeth, but there is some presence to be heard. Dave's vocal growl is pristine and comes to life, he's really sober and most of the tracks sound like they did in the studio.

The video quality for DVD9 is amazing and only has a few artifacts normally present with live recordings at 30fps, the color mix is a little off in places, and it just doesn't fell right, but keeping in mind this was originally presented in theaters, the colors can be forgiven because at least they are present. The high definition filming process lets itself be known as the details on the strings are impressive.

The only thing missing during Hangar 18 would have been a visit from James and Kirk and it just turns into a shredfest. But that aside, the crowd goes nuts, enjoys a rain shower, and some great American metal!

Other than the misgivings about it, it's Megadeth in top form, playing to a sold out crowd, and over 100,000 theatergoers worldwide. Couldn't ask for a better Megadeth set to be put on video. Just a longer one.


1. Holy Wars...The Punishment Due

2. Hangar 18

3. Wake Up Dead

4. Head Crusher

5. In My Darkest Hour

6. Skin O' My Teeth

7. A Tout Le Monde

8. Hook In Mouth

9. Trust

10. Sweating Bullets

11. Symphony of Destruction

12. Peace Sells/Holy Wars Reprise


  • Simon 5 years ago

    What! Have James and Kirk join Hangar 18 for a shredfest? James and Kirk together wouldn't even touch Chris nor Dave. It would be embarrasing and would spit in the face of Marty's and Dave's great work of art.

  • Profile picture of Jason Vajgrt
    Jason Vajgrt 5 years ago

    I wouldn't care, it would be awesome to see. So let it be known that Dave and Chris will spank the fuck out of them!

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