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The Betrayal - a Book Review

Who is the Betrayer?
Who is the Betrayer?
Jerry B Jenkins

The Betrayal by Jerry B. Jenkins


The Betrayal (Precinct 11) by Jerry B. Jenkins

When I read a story, I like to lose myself in it. I want to smell the air, hear the sounds and feel the heartbeat of the character. Having read the entire Left Behind Series and Riven (the novel he always wanted to write), I knew author Jenkins was capable of engrossing this reader deep into the story, I wondered if he could do it with the new Precinct 11 Series.

I will admit I have not read the first book in the Precinct 11 Series, The Brotherhood; crime drama is not my usual pick for a good read, until now…

After having read the Betrayal over the weekend I must declare - Jenkins passed the test – he grabbed this reader within the first few sentences-and he had me throughout the entire journey, hook line and sinker. My family enjoyed frozen pizza and cold cereal.

Boone Drake, the main character, a Chicago cop does what he is programmed to do; protect.

It nearly cost him everything.

A shot is fired and Boone instinctively protecting an oversized witness, a heavy hitter within the drug cartel in Chicago, who was being secretly transported to a safe house Boone is gravely injured, his lung collapsed and shoulder completely shattered, but even before he loses consciousness his mind begins to wander, who leaked our location?

The Betrayal takes the reader on a journey of a classic whodunit.

In the hospital as Boone begins to see through the fog ofanesthesia and narcotics the conclusion creeps up on him quickly; only five people knew where and when he would be transporting PC and his family to the safe house. Five people who Boone Drake trusted with his life, until now.

Someone betrayed the mission. Who is it?

Is it the arrogant partner? The clerk, a beautiful girl he was falling in love with more each day? The beloved chief, who makes a decision to retire the day after the shooting, maybe it is the decorated officer, who is the epitome of honor and dignity? Or perhaps, Boone’s long time friend and mentor Jack?

One of these five is the betrayer.

Boone sets out to figure out who the betrayer is before he goes in for major surgery to attempt to rebuild his shoulder. The journey Jenkins takes us on is intense. We feel Boone’s passion, we feel his compassion and we feel his pain, literally. He forgoes his pain medication to stay alert and the description of moments when Boones shoulder is bumped made me literally wince with pain.

You will be as stunned as Boone Drake to find out who the Betrayer is.

Thanks to Jerry B Jenkins I am a now a fan of crime drama and recommend The Betrayal.



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