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The Best of Me

The Best of Me


The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks

Is it just me or does anyone else feel like Nicholas Sparks is just banging out books so he can have them made into movies? Luckily this one hasn’t been made into one… yet.

This book started with a lot of similarities to The Notebook. Dawson, is a young guy from a troubled family and, Amanda, is a young girl from an affluent one. Dawson is taken in by an older Tuck who becomes a father figure for Dawson because his own is an abusive man who, along with Dawson’s two older cousins , take advantage of Dawson. Despite having nothing in common, Dawson and Amanda fall in love,. Amanda’s parents do not approve of Dawson, given his family’s reputation. Dawson realizes that they will never work and break ups with Amanda.

Starting to sound familiar…

Unfortunately, it doesn’t get any more interested from there. Amanda goes off to college, marries someone else and has children. Amanda and her husband lose one of their children to cancer and neither one of them is able to recover from the loss. Amanda throws herself into charity for work and her husband becomes an alcoholic.

Dawson, who doesn’t seem to have anything but bad luck, accidentally hits a man with his truck driving home one night and is sent to jail. Dawson serves his time and comes back to town to serve out his probation, hiding from the world and once his parole is over, he moves away to New Orleans. He gets work on an oilrig but never dated anyone else besides Amanda.

Tuck passes away and the executor of his estate calls Dawson and Amanda back to their hometown of Oriental, North Carolina. Not expecting to see each other, they run into each other, which was obviously set up by Tuck.

Old feelings come alive again and the two realize that besides their age, not much has changed between them. They have one beautiful night together but Amanda cannot bear to break her family up after all that they have been through.

Tuck’s death and request for Dawson and Amanda return to Oriental sparks a chain of events that will change all of the characters lives forever. I don’t want to give anything away for those die hard Nicholas Sparks fans.

Not my favorite Nicholas Sparks book but not my least favorite either …