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The Best of 2006: 'Venus'

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Venus (2006)


Despite how ridiculously old Peter O'Toole looks in that poster art for this film, he is not a push over in this. Peter O'Toole who has been nominated several times but has never won an Oscar ever since blasting onto the screen in his film debut as T.E. Lawrence in David Lean's masterpiece, Lawrence of Arabia, makes a rather comical and yet somewhat distressing turn as a really dirty old man in Venus. If one were to combine the story of Lolita (Stanley Kubrick directed a film of this about a middle aged man falling in love with 16 year old) and the story of The Shootist (a western directed by Don Siegel about an old cowboy/gunslinger reaching the very end of his life), you'll get this film.

This film is not for everyone since many may be put off by Peter O'Toole's bluntness for wanting this girl, but it's a lot more held back than one may suspect. There's a lot of 'look, but that's all' rules given by the girl who isn't sure what to make of Toole's character's pursuits, but the real point of the film is how one can view a man wishing to find just a bit more pleasure just before the end and recalling the past through his work and other playboy-ish pursuits.

Just because he is old doesn't mean he can't still have thoughts about it and just because we're young doesn't mean we can't understand. Because The Shootist was John Wayne's last film and in many ways was a tribute to him, I hope this isn't the last we will see from the great Peter O'Toole. Even though he plays a Shakespearean actor past his time in this, he will never be past his prime as this film demonstrates.