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The Best of 2006: 'The Fountain'

The Fountain


The Fountain is from the director of Pi and Requiem for a Dream-- director Darren Aronofsky who also happens to be the husband of actress Rachel Weisz who stars in this film. This is Aronofsky's third film to date and one many have waiting for six years since Requiem. At one point, Aronofsky was even slated to direct the new Batman film, which Nolan took over to make Batman Begins. This film was also delayed when Brad Pitt quit due to complaints, but this eventually lead to Hugh Jackman took over the lead role.

This science fiction, though a very unusual one, is really about a romance that spans over one millennium from events seen in 1500 to 2000 to 2500. The reason why this is because our two main characters have discovered the very secret to immortality by discovering the holy elixir or Fountain of Youth, and have thus kept it to themselves as a secret for centuries. The film also shows us the scientific implications of this special tree that "bleeds" this elixir and how it cures many diseases and rejuvenates organs. However, the film really shows us how this woman has seen this man for centuries and how they have changed from a Spanish queen and his conquistador to a surgeon and his writer wife and how they have adapted throughout the centuries to fit in. The film is told in a non-linear fashion in parallels also showing this man writing the last chapter of his wife's life as well as coming to grips with finally accepting death. As the film tells us, no matter how often we cheat death and how ever so closer we get to immortality on earth, we have to accept the end sooner or later.

Hugh Jackman does a fantastic acting job in this along with Rachel Weisz who prove they have great chemistry, especially since the director was Rachel's husband as I'm reiterating, Ellen Burstyn is an amazing actress as always, and there is no CGI at all to produce the visuals! All visual effects were done through microphotography (filming of microscopic organic material to create nebula and gases)!