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The Auld Dubliner: Lucky the Irish are so festive no matter the day

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The Auld Dubliner Irish Pub and Restaurant, Long Beach


Whether the music is thumping inside or the noise filters outward, the excitement of a pub brings another dimension to "inviting". Liveliness decorates the very walls while an atmosphere of enjoyment is breathable. Great pubs aren't filled with happiness but like zen thinking, brings happiness out of you. No wonder The Auld Dubliner seems festive no matter the day.

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Once cleared by the doorman at the gate, you walk into a pub filled with rich mahogany and green filling up the color palette for nearly everything. Not necessarily vintage as far as style goes but there is age to this brick and wood pub that is as fine as a seven year whiskey. A large square bar fills the middle of the space with a great rack of hard liquor standing tall on display and great selections of beers on tap. There is no feel of pretentiousness or effort to the setting. Everything just fits well.


The service is decent with nothing wrong or quite excellent about it. Just like the surroundings, nothing pretentious, nothing complex.


People talk about how culture and religion separate people and countries, but you rarely hear the same about food. Food is one of the strongest adhesives to keep people together and without having to speak a word, you can taste the history and traditions behind each creation. Ireland lives within the bite of each dish served up at The Auld Dubliner. The Fish and Chips are huge portions of moist, flaky white fish covered in a Guiness and Harp batter, paying homage to the famous beers Ireland is known for. The Guiness Beef Stew is hearty and warms your stomach as happily as your Irish lass holding you close on a rainy night. Even the starter, the Irish Farmhouse Plate, gives you a tour through the emerald countryside of Ireland with each bite. The mango chutney pays tribute to the cross-cultural influences of India to help add spice to Ireland while the Irish meats reminds you of the working class that have kept Ireland going. Each dish is another story you might or might not be ready to experience, but that's what adventure is all about: exploration of the new.

Live Music

Being a pub, The Auld Dubliner has numerous bands who come out through the week. Some are slow and somber like the lullabies you hear before you sleep while others are loud, crass, and joyous for festivities and partying. The Auld Dubliner is one of the most packed and entertaining places to be during St. Patrick's Day with music and grog going through the entire day. Just like the deco or the food, the entertainment here is what makes this Irish pub an experience to be had.


The Auld Dubliner should be a staple visit for anyone looking for a good time when visiting Long Beach. If you're looking for food that tells a story, a taste of past and new, and a good crowd, you can't go wrong with this Irish pub. Bring a friend or two along with you. After all, adventures are much more fun with your mates in tow.