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The Aukey/Amzdeal A1 Power Bank: Plenty of power to charge your mobile devices

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The Aukey/Amzdeal A1 Power Bank


The new A1 Power Bank is marketed under both the Aukey and Amzdeal brand names, at least for now. Eventually the Amzdeal products will transition over to the Aukey brand to avoid any confusion with the Amazon branding. The A1 Power Bank is one of the larger capacity products that I've tested so far and its performance was impressive.

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The A1 Power Bank charges through a microUSB port. Four bright blue LED lights show the charging status and remaining power status. Press the Power button to view the power level. The A1 comes with a flat USB cable which can be connected to your computer or USB charging station for charging. I really like the flat cable design which resists tangling. You can use the same cable or a device specific cable to charge any compatible device. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Compatible with all Apple and Android smart phones, tablets and other 5V input USB charged devices.
  • Apple: Full iPhone / iPad Series
  • Samsung:Full Galaxy S / Note Series (Doesn't Charge the Galaxy Tab)
  • HTC: Full Models- One, One X, Evo.
  • Motorola: Full Models- Atrix, Droid, Moto X
  • Google: Full Nexus Phone / Pad Series
  • All Other Android Smartphone and Tablet PC (Doesn't Charge Asus Tablet)
  • All Other USB Charging Port Gadgets - GoPro, Google Glass

The A1 also includes a thick protective case with a small pocket on the front for storing the cable. The case is attractive, well made and provides safe storage for the A1 even when connected to your phone or other device. The power out port is on the end of the A1 so it doesn't need to be removed from the case to use it. All are nice features and show Aukey's attention to detail in developing products that make sense and are convenient to use.

When you first open the box, the A1 will likely hold a partial charge from the factory. You should take the time to fully charge it before using for the first time. My test unit took an unusually long time to charge the first time. I am told that a full charge should take about 8 hours. This took a lot longer but as with some products there seemed to be a breaking in period. Each subsequent charging of the device took less time and by the 4th charging it was at the expected 8 hours. So if charging time seems long, it likely will improve after a bit of use.

On the flip side of things, devices that were charged using the A1 charged very quickly. I started by charging a fully depleted PSP, then a nearly empty 7" Nextbook tablet, then an 8" tablet that was at about half charge and finished with 2 or 3 mp3 players that were at different levels of available power. When I was done, everything was fully charged and the A1 was just about empty. All subsequent charging times for my assorted devices were fast and consistent. If you can find an octopus type charging cable with a Type A USB port on 1 end and 8 or more other adapters attached by multiple cables, you will likely be able to charge a wider range of devices. Amazon does have these kinds of cables but you'll have to search for one that has the assortment of tips that will fit your devices.

The A1 Power Bank and External Battery has an 8000mAh charging capacity to meet the needs of your daily charging demands in an extremely slim and compact design. It is lightweight, portable and equipped with an onboard smart chip which provides surge protection as well as:

  • While charging the A1: Over-voltage protection, Overload protection, Over temperature protection, and Constant current protection.
  • While charging other devices: Short circuit protection, Over-voltage protection, Overload protection, Over temperature protection, and Constant current protection.

The A1 also includes a bit of a surprise that you won't find anywhere else. The soy ink coating on the front allows you to personalize the power bank with your own creative flair. Draw on the space freely with a pencil and erase it as you wish. If you choose to be creative in ink, it will be a permanent reflection of your artistic talents and cannot be erased.

A1 Power Bank Product Specification:

  • Capacity: 8000mAh
  • Input: 5V / 1A Max (via Micro USB port)
  • Output: 5V / 2.1A Max (via Type A USB port)
  • Size: 5.79" x 2.75" x .35"
  • Net weight: 6.35 oz.

The A1 Power Bank and External Battery from Aukey/Amzdeal lists for about $70 but is available on Amazon for only $30 and comes in both white and an attractive pale pink. Be sure to check out the Special Offers and Promotions from Amzdeal and Aukey that are listed at the bottom of the page.